Settle: Fall/Winter 2018

Editor's Note: Finite and Unpredictable

Civil Discourse and Civil Resistance

Oregon Humanities’ 2018–19 Think & Drink series examines themes of journalism and justice.

Listening over Litigation

The High Desert Partnership provides a collaborative vision for Harney County.

Engagement and Environment

OPAL seeks to bring more voices into conversations about environmental justice.

Supporting Urgent Conversations

Responsive Program Grants help communities across Oregon respond to pressing issues and events.

From the Director: We the People

Family Ties

How changes to immigration legislation shape the lives of undocumented families

New Foundations

An innovative pilot project pairs families in need of housing with Portland homeowners who have a little land to spare.

Black Nightshade and Bierocks

Connecting to my Volga German ancestors through recipes

Peace and Dignity

Finding community in shared stories of unjust detention

Relearning Home

After the wild forests of Kodiak, finding belonging in a Willamette Valley orchard


Reckoning with a father’s life and approaching death


Readers write about Settle.

Read. Talk. Think.

Croppings: Enrique Chagoya, Reverse Anthropology

Through January 27, 2019, at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art