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Oregon Humanities is currently accepting submissions for the following:
Video Posts


Posts ("Readers Write")

For the summer issue of Oregon Humanities, we’re inviting readers to send their true stories about public life. What is public, and what is private? How does public perception affect our behavior and self-image? Send your submissions (400 words maximum) by July 1, 2024 to, and include your place of residence somewhere in your email. Please send nonfiction prose only (sorry, no poetry).

Submissions may be edited for space or clarity. Contributors will receive a $30 gift certificate.

Video Posts

For the first time, Oregon Humanities magazine invites readers to share short video submissions, up to sixty seconds, in connection with our summer issue, “Public.” We’re looking for true stories, anecdotes, or reflections about a public space that holds significance for you or your surrounding community. Share an interesting aspect of its history or a memory of something you experienced there. Maybe it’s changed dramatically over time; tell us how. Whether it's a historical landmark, a community gathering spot, or a place of natural beauty, we want to hear about it.

Like the written Posts section, video submissions should address the issue’s theme using short anecdotes and reflection. We are interested in true, first-person stories rather than op-ed style commentary or argument. 

Here are a few guidelines:

  • We welcome a variety of video styles (e.g. front-facing, time-lapse, scenic) but please only submit videos that use a vertical (portrait, or Reel-style) format.

  • Submissions must be original works. 

  • Any individuals featured in your video must provide consent to being filmed and included in your submission. 

  • We will add captions for speech, so please do not include these in your video.  

Selected videos will be shared on our website and social media. Contributors will receive a $30 gift certificate. Submit your video (.mp4, mpeg, or .mov files) to by June 24, 2024.

Upcoming Themes

  • Winter 2025: Currents (December 2024, submissions due August 2024)
  • Spring 2025: Bloom (April 2025, submissions due December 2024)
  • Summer 2025: Real (August 2025, submissions due April 2025)
  • Winter 2026: Consume (December 2025, submissions due August 2025)
  • Spring 2026: Labor (April 2026, submissions due December 2025)

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