Retrospective: Fall/Winter 2019

From the director: Looking Back, Looking Forward

In Brief

Favorite passages from past issues

Editor's Note: Eighteen Years

Reflecting on my tenure as editor of Oregon Humanities

Consider the Wedding—2004

Why do women who know better still buy into the Big Bucks White Wedding industry?

On Paper Wings—2008

A local filmmaker’s first documentary explores the tragic tale of six Oregonians killed during World War II.

Resume of Failures—2011

The stories of struggle, insecurity, and loss behind a successful writer’s accomplishments

The State That Timber Built—2012

What does Oregon owe the struggling timber communities that helped shape the state’s identity?

The Air I Breathe—2014

Growing up tolerated and underestimated in Portland

Making Men—2016

On raising sons to not rape

Good Hair—2017

Going natural despite family and societal expectations


Our staff picks from the past decade