2021 Annual Report

Oregon Humanities has long been committed to strengthening connections between Oregonians by creating conditions for meaningful conversation. During 2021—a year of stops and starts, isolation and reunion—our accessible, responsive, and flexible programming ensured that people across the state had opportunities to listen, learn, and navigate challenging circumstances together.

As Oregon’s cultural infrastructure continued to recover from the ongoing economic strain of the pandemic, Oregon Humanities distributed $834,383 in grants to nonprofits and federally recognized tribes. As ever, I am grateful for our partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Oregon Cultural Trust, and for the opportunity to stand in solidarity with organizations that aim to explore challenging questions and strive for just communities.

By the end of 2021—our fiftieth anniversary—we had accomplished a great deal. Some highlights include launching The Detour, a podcast and radio show about people and ideas, and introducing a Community Storytelling Fellowship for Oregonians from communities that are underrepresented in Oregon media. We offered three terms of Humanity in Perspective, our free college-level course for people living on low-incomes. We continued our popular Dear Stranger letter-exchange project and released timely articles, essays, and comics in Oregon Humanities magazine and online.

In recognition of our fiftieth anniversary, we set an ambitious fundraising goal that reflected the expansive scope of our work in Oregon. I want to thank the foundations, corporate sponsors, and individuals who helped us surpass that goal. We are honored to partner with you in fostering conversation, reflection, and connection throughout Oregon.

—Adam Davis, Executive Director

2021 Statement of Activities

Living in a Virtual World

Supporting Communities

Looking Back on 50 Years

Donors and Sponsors

Gifts in Honor and Memory







Living in a Virtual World


For most of 2021, our core programs were held virtually. While gatherings for Consider This, Conversation Project, and So Much Together were limited to this one-dimensional medium, we remained focused on facilitating connection and nurturing conversation. And with more than ten thousand views of our online programs, it was clear to us that something was resonating.

Melissa Madenski, the Conversation Project facilitator for Growing Old in a Time of Uncertainty, said of the virtual program: “I think that people were just very hungry to meet with others, and unlike conversations I've held in person, the theme leaned more toward isolation, what to do, how to help, and what resources they could lean on and share with each other.” 

For a brief period during the summer, we enjoyed in-person programming. One of the highlights of that time was an outdoor event with Oregon Poet Laureate Anis Mojani as part of Pedalpalooza, the annual festival of themed bike rides in Portland. The event, Spoke'n Words, was attended by more than one hundred people on a beautiful summer evening.

In August, COVID restrictions were reintroduced, and we transitioned back to virtual programming. Fortunately, we had pivoted cautiously and strategically to in-person programming, so the change was far less disruptive than when the pandemic began.


Supporting Communities


Throughout the year, our grants team was busy reviewing applications for Public Program Grants, Responsive Program Grants, and SHARP Grants, which were funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Sustaining the Humanities through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 program.

These awards supported nonprofit organizations and federally recognized tribes in maintaining, adapting, and developing their programs and operations in a time of profound uncertainty. A grant recipient from Tananàwit: a Community of Warm Springs Artists shared the following:

“We are in a rural community that often lacks basic resources. Having flexibility in how funding is spent is really beneficial. The flexibility allowed us to grow the capacity of our staff and organization, without having to limit the organizational development to one program.”

We also supported individuals in developing their facilitation skills. In total, 110 people learned to lead reflective conversations in their communities, and many participants found the training impactful. One participant shared the following: “The training was incredible for me because of the people in attendance. Everyone seemed to be actively engaged and invested in doing the work of connecting with people and facilitating community connections.”


Looking Back on 50 Years


We celebrated our fiftieth anniversary throughout the year, and it was gratifying to reflect on how much our council has grown. While our programming has evolved over the years, our deep engagement with Oregon communities remains constant.

To commemorate the milestone, we featured a story about our anniversary in each issue of Oregon Humanities magazine. We also published a series of Beyond the Margins interviews with forward-thinking Oregonians on what the future holds for our region. In telling the story of our organization, it felt appropriate to collaborate with the writers, artists, facilitators, and speakers who have contributed so much to Oregon Humanities over the years.

We invited our supporters to share in our celebration with a fundraising goal of $500,000. Thank you to the many donors who heard the call and responded with overwhelming support for Oregon Humanities. We are so grateful for your partnership, participation, and financial support.


Thank You


The following supporters made gifts to Oregon Humanities in 2021.

Crater Lake ($2,500+)

Alicia and Nathan Bay
Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Joan Gray and Harris Hoffman
Margaret Hart
Mark Holloway and David Kahl
Ronni Lacroute
Camille Preus
Jennifer Schuberth and John Urang
Gretchen Schuette and Rick Romano
Diana Tomseth
Paul and Lory Utz
Charles and Cherie Walker
Janet Webster
Jackie Willingham


Painted Hills ($1,000+)

Jean and Ray Auel
Lisa Berkson Platt and David Platt
Teresa and Jay Bowerman
Truman Collins
Adam Davis and Hana Layson
Dale and Lois Derouin
Barbara Duerden
Robert Geddes and Cameron Geddes
Tom and Cherryl Janisse
Emily Karr and Townsend Hyatt
Linda Nelson
Rita and Ted Powell
Loren Smith
Dan Wieden and Priscilla Bernard Wieden
Vincent and Patricia Wixon


Columbia River Gorge ($500+)

Cynthia and Steven Addams
Sona Andrews
Justin Chin and Thanh Nguyen
Carol Christen
Jeff and Heidi Cronn
Adam and Gina Davis
Andra Georges and Timothy Shepard
Karen Gernant
Adam Green
Mary Harris
Jelly Helm
Sara Hopkins-Powell
Michael Kosmala
Charlene Larsen
Robert Melnick and Suzanne Bunker
Linda Monk
Rick and Halle Sadle
Dianne Sawyer and Richard Petersen
John Shipley
Merri Souther Wyatt
Roger Straus
David and Christine Vernier
Sharon Whitney
Mitch Wolgamott and Sue Orlaske
Gayle Yamasaki
Timothy Zacharias


All Supporters

National Endowment for the Humanities
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Cultural Trust
Meyer Memorial Trust
James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
Oneatta Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Collins Foundation
Echo Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Ronni Lacroute
The Kinsman Foundation
Gretchen Schuette and Rick Romano
Susan Hammer Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Margaret Hart
The Jackson Foundation
The Estate of Melvin Jones
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
Stoel Rives LLP
Alicia and Nathan Bay
Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Mark Holloway and David Kahl
Camille Preus
Jennifer Schuberth and John Urang
Spark Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Paul and Lory Utz
Charles and Cherie Walker
Jackie Willingham


Jean and Ray Auel
Lisa Berkson Platt and David Platt
Truman Collins
Adam Davis and Hana Layson
Dale and Lois Derouin
Barbara Duerden
Robert D. Geddes and Cameron G.R. Geddes Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Tom and Cherryl Janisse
Emily Karr and Townsend Hyatt
Linda Nelson
Rita and Ted Powell
The Roundhouse Foundation
The Loren D. Smith Fund
The TJ Education Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Dan Wieden and Priscilla Bernard Wieden
Vincent and Patricia Wixon



Mariah Acton
Carole Alexander
Lara Bjork and Damon Jansen
Susan Brody and Al Johnson
Erin Dysart
Ken and Ann Edwards
Melody Ghormley and Kyle Kroker
Debbie Glass
Daniel Grant
Andrew and Sara Guest
Cecelia and Robert Huntington
Shirley Johnson
Kelly Jones
Andrea King
Robert and Helen Ladarre
Kate Lasky
Richard Lewis and Meg Larson
Erika Leaf
Gary Maffei and Marcus Lintner
Allan and Madeline Olson
Alison Madhavi Bradford
Susan Martin
Kerani Mitchell
TIffani Penson
Patricia Raley
Michael Roth
Walter Schaffer
Noah Schlesinger
Arthur Schmidt
Edward Schmidt
Joy Strand and Dan Anderson
David Steger
Mary Ann Steger
Anna Sortun
Annie Walsh
Jo Ann Weaver and Roland Atkinson
Tom and Kathryn Whittaker
William and Julie Young



Gary and Carla Albright
Mary Allardt
Michael Andrews
Anonymous (18)
Linda and Eugene Appel
Ana Arellano
William Ashworth
Barbara Bannister and Arnold Zenger
Martha Banyas and Michael Hoeye
Ronda Bard
Lois Barry
Sarah Beasley
Marti Belluschi
Peter Belmont
Lesley Bennett and Jeffrey Dooley
James Berry and Kim Carlson
Betty and Ted Bezzerides
Louise Bishop and James Earl
Kathi Bowen-Jones
Dominique Brillanceau
Evona Brim
Kyle Brown and Aili Schreiner
Marianne and Fred Buchwalter
Connie Burdick
Janet and Leonard Calvert
Jane Carlsen
Kent and Eleanor Carlson
Jeri Carson
Javier Cervantes
Tom Christ
Karen Clarke and Richard Kaplan
Liz Cole
Ann and Harold Collins
Mark and Carolyn Conahan
Char and Dave Corkran
Diana Curwen
Marcia Darm and Bruce Berning
Judy Davis
Robert Davis
Josiah Dean
Margaret Delacy
Terry Dickey and Wanda Chin
Richard Dolgonas
Nathan and Eva Douthit
Edward Doyle
Emily Drew
Barbara Dudley
Sidney and Margaret Eaton
Betsy and James Elliott
Thomas Fawkes
Judy and Robert Fisher
Marilyn Fisher and Harold Cox
Jeanette and Bruce Flaming
Erna Gelles and Alan MacCormack
Maralee Gerke
Kuri Gill
Janet Gingerich
Roxanne Goebel
Cecelia and Scott Goodnight
Esther Gross
CM Hall
John Hammond
James Hamrick
Ulrich Hardt and Karen Johnson
Bill and Barbara Harris
Peter Hatcher and Harriet Stosur
John Hawkins
Mako Hayashi-Mayfield
Lyn Hennion and Alex Bellen
Michael Hetrick
Judy Hilsenteger
Greg Holmes
Kimberly Howard
Steve and Kris Hudson
Suzy Hudson
Bette and Dean Husted
Linda Hutchins and John Montague
Robina Ingram-Rich
Mitsuhiko Iwasaki
Kyle Jansson and Carol Harding
Kathi and John Jaworski
Christopher Johnson
David Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Kathleen and Robert Joy
Janet Kelly
Nancy and Thomas Kelly
Claire Kellogg and Bruce Betzer
Terry Kemple
Margaret Dills Kelter and Jim Kelter
Gretchen Kimsey
Ruth and John Kistler
Lee Klingler and Jo Zettler
Carolyn Kohn George Kramer
Betty LaDuke
Tanya Lasswell
Milton Lebsack
MaOxford Lerotholi
Ward and Gale Lewis
Charmaine Lindsay
Donna Loveland
James Luby
Julie Luby
Carolyn Madsen
Melissa Madenski
Barbara and Timothy Mahoney
Barbara Manildi
Deborah Maria
Mary Markland and Brian Wooton
Joanne McClarty
Kelly McElroy
Sue McCormack
Ramycia McGhee
Joanne and Frank McNamara
Harold McNaron
Margaret Mesirow
Kimberly Melton
Toni Mesplay
Carolyn Miller
Heidi and Dylan McNamee
Linda Modrell
Gail Mueller
Martin Muller
Laura Mundt
Shirley and Milton Nelson
Michael and Joyce Nesson
Annette Newman
Julie Nittler
Jennifer O'Donnell
Linda E. Olds
George and Deborah Olsen
Jennifer Parrish Taylor
Paulann Petersen
Lillian Pitt
Jerry and Barb Porter
David Prescott
Ken Pyburn
Wendy Rankin
Mary Rechner
Denise Reed
Robert Reed
Richard Rees
Laura Rice and Karim Hamdy
Jane Rickenbaugh
Marguerite and Rodney Roberson
Kelly Rodgers
Edward and Virginia Rouffy
J. David Santen, Jr.
Mary Elizabeth Sargent and William Watson
Robert Scales
Kate Schuyler
Barbara and Gilbert Shibley
Maureen and Dave Sloan
Brenda Smith
Marjorie and Edwin Smith
Virginia Sponsler
Lynn St. Georges
Maggie Starr and Sarah Hardin
Mardella Stevens
Teresa Stover
Russy and Anita Sumariwalla
Mary Szybist and Jerry Harp
Linda and James Thomas
Joan and Dan Thorndike
Clifford and Jo Anne Trow
Thomas Turkon
Judy Van Zile
Ellen Vanderslice and Scott Parker
Deanne Vandevert
Pamela Vohnson and David Streight
Ben Waterhouse and Deanna Oothoudt
Maxeen Wegner
Dave Weich
Jeremy Weikel
Marvin Weiss
Gail and John Wells
Patricia West
Louis Wheatley
Robynne Whitaker
Kyenne Williams
Martin and Carolyn Winch
Katherine Wolfe and Larry Zowada
Shelby Wood
Kathleen Worley
Carolyn Wright
Steve Young and Jane Fellows
Jessica Zdeb and Tim Ledlie


$0 to $99
Neilson Abeel
Alys Allwardt
Anonymous (12
Dori Appel and Perry Prince
Alec Arellano
Robert Arellano
Carey Aroonsuck
Kristy Athens and Mike Midlo
Larry and Renee Ballinger
Evelyn Banko
Karin Barntish
Claire Barr Wilson
David Barringer
Aryn Bartley
Reva Basch and Jerry Shifman
Scott and Kathleen Bauska
Rob Bekuhrs
Mary Benson
Paula Berry
Lynn and John Betteridge
Patricia Beverley
Dorothy Bocian
Patricia Bonn Lehman
Layton Borkan
Michelle Boss Barba and Salwan Searty
Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand
Alexandra Powell Bugden
Joel Butler
Elena Burger
Sandy Bushberg
Peter Callero
Eliza and Kevin Canty-Jones
Doug and Liz Capps
Monica Card
Nancy Carlin
Lynn Carlson
Kathleen Casey
Anne and Terry Carter
Anne and Keith Chambers
Barbara A B Clark
Gail Cochran
Corlu Collier
Linda and Tom Collier
Margaret Collins
Mary Ann Constans
Shirley Cooper
Ronald and Teecia Cornelius
Lois Colton
Joe and Regina M. Cox
Sherrie Day
James and Helen Dean
Merrilee DeVore
Christina deVillier
Zana Dorres
Thomas and Nancy Doulis
Madelyn Driscoll
Andrea Drury
Erica Dunn and Philip Harris
William Dye
Kristen Eberlin and Evan Bowers
Ecotope, Inc.
Beth and Bill Ellis
Priscilla and Melvin Ellis
Merry and Richard Emlaw
Katelyn Entzeroth
Mark Erlander
David Evans
Kaye Exo
Elizabeth Farrell
Margot Fetz
Raissa Fleming
Cosette Freeman
Emily Gable
Marti Gerdes
Jeff Gersh
Molly Gloss
Janet Goetze
Jose Gonzalez and Dañel Malán
Marilyn Gottschall
Mary and Richard Grant
Neva Grant
Spring Greeney
Donna Gregerson
Michael Griggs
Dorys Grover
Diane Grube
Barbara Haga
Chris Hagerbaumer
Kathleen Hall
Ezma Hanschka
Susan Hanson
Christine Haug-Chin and Gary Chin
May Hays
Andrea Heid
Ashley Henry
Roland and Cathy Henson
Justin Hocking
Coleen Hoffman
Mary Hoover
Walter Hopgood
Diana Huntington
Richard and Deanna Iltis
Roger Irvin
Harriet Isom
Jeff Jackson and Sandy Moses
Vickie and Donald Jackson
Nancy Jamieson
India Jarvis
Doug and Antonia Jenkins
Pam Jensen
Susan Johnson
Marean Jordan
Jack and Farol Kahle
Rick and Ann Kaiser
Barry Kast
Edward and Debra Kaye
Ilene Kemper
Jennifer Keyser
Jerry Kleffner
Rachel and Marc Klippenstein
Don and Judith Kramer
Laura Kreger
Howard Kronish
Jann Lane
Karin Larsen
Susan and Max Leek
Mary Lehman and William Durst
Philip Lewin and Sherrie Barr
Bob Liebman
Ingrid Louiselle
Richard and Diane Lowensohn
Becky Luening
Gloria Lutz
William and Mary Mainwaring
Meredith Maislen
Andrea Marks
Lynn Marks
Tom Martin
Fred and Elizabeth Maurer
Lynn McClenahan and Greg Smith
Rosalie McDougall
Mary McGilvra
Barbara McLeod
Margaret Mead
Kathleen Melhuse and Malcolm Snider
Ashley Mellinger
Shira Mendes de Leon
Christine Menefee
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Ed Moen
Peg Molina
Sharon Morgan and Kathleen Kollasch
Julie Morris
Joanne Mulcahy and Bob Hazen
Ilze Mueller
John Mullen
Ann Nelson
Christine Nelson
Linda Nelson
Priscilla Nelson
Valerie Nelson
NW Natural
Natalia O'Brien
John Oliver
Doris Olsen
Sara and Jeff Olsgaard
Nancy Orcutt
Keli Osborn
John Ott
Miyoko Patricelli
David Pauli
Thomas Penchoen
Russ Pierson
Caryn Pinard
Steve and Shannon Planchon
Sandy Polishuk
Portland General Electric Employee Engagement Fund
Larry Preston
Sarah Prichard
Julie Prohaska
Richard Rankin
Susan and Rodney Reid
Molly and Mark Remer
Errol Rich
Paul Rickey
Anoel Rinaldi
Tyler Rockey
Mark Rochester
Glenn and Monet Rubin
Susan Rust
Jane Sage and Tom Olbrich
Stephanie Sameh
Zari Santner
Ann and John Scherner
Penelope Schott
Beverly Schumacher
Jerry and Diana Sellers
Patricia Sempowich
Judith Seydel
Gary Sharp
Crystal Shoji
Penny Short
Mary Pat Silveira
Carol Skowron and Joseph Pitcavage
Larry Slessler and Elizabeth Hayes
Julia Soto
Robyn Steely
Frances Storrs
Rebecca Strader
Sharon Streeter
Renee Stringham
Jake Sullivan
Paul Suter
Michele Swanson and Donald Marinello
Ellen Teicher
Ian Templeton
Denison Thomas
Adele Thompson
Bill and Angela Thorndike
Ellen Todras and Mark Niedelman
Carol Tova Newman
Jennie Tucker
Dorothy Velasco and John Dewenter
Patricia Vincent
Theresa Wadden
Gail Waggoner
Mark Wales
John and Carol Walker
Alison Wallis
Richard Wandschneider
Marybeth Webster
Ingrid Wendt
Linda Werner
Julia and Paul Westerberg
George Westermark
Jane White
Delia and Bill Whitney
Jen Wick
Marcia Wirth
Paulette Wittwer
Mike Wolf
Jon Wood
Marilyn Woodrich
Barbara Woollven
Christy Wyckoff
Bette and Alan Yenne
Kim and Brian Young
Irene Zenev
Martin Zottola










Gifts in Honor and Memory

Gifts in Honor

Anonymous in honor of Professor Robert "Bobby" Arellano
Anonymous in honor of Gina DeLeo
Anonymous in honor of Toby Starr
Anonymous in honor of Carol Lindberg
Alec Arellano in honor of Bob Arellano
Ana Arellano in honor of Robert Egbert Arellano
Sarah Beasley in honor of Janet Webster
Patricia Beverley in honor of Sal Sahme
Dominique Brillanceau in honor of Write Around Portland staff
Elena Burger in honor of Daniel Grant
Emily Drew in honor of Connect in Place
Sidney and Margaret Eaton in honor of Lark Palma
Raissa Fleming in honor of Oregon Humanities staff
Janet Gingerich in honor of Janet Webster
Adam Green in honor of Oregon Humanities staff
Spring Greeney in honor of Daniel Grant
CM Hall in honor of Adam Davis
Peter Hatcher and Harriet Stosur in honor of Christopher Zinn
Mary Hoover in honor of Daniel Grant
David Johnson in honor of Oregon Humanities
Kathleen and Robert Joy in honor of Adam Davis
Rick and Ann Kaiser in honor of Ben Waterhouse
Carolyn Kohn in honor of Kate Lasky
James Luby in honor of Daniel Grant
Julie Luby in honor of Daniel Grant
Gary Maffei and Marcus Linter in honor of Janet Webster
Sue McCormack in honor of Janet Webster
Laura Mundt in honor of Becky Hyde and Mark Bransom
Miyoko Patricelli in honor of Daniel Grant
Paulann Petersen in honor of the Oregon Poet Laureate Program
Michael Roth in honor of poet teacher friends from OSU, Roger Weaver and Richard Dankkeff
Edward and Virginia Rouffy in honor of Elizabeth Sabin Rouffy
Noah Schlesinger in honor of Adam Davis
Maggie Starr and Sarah Hardin in honor of Oregon Humanities staff
Robyn Steely in honor of Adam Davis
David Steger in honor of Lucy Solares-Steger
Mary Ann Steger in honor of Lucy Solares-Steger
Rebecca Strader in honor of Rosemarie Lieuallen
Marybeth Webster in honor of YOU—thank you so much!
Timothy Zacharias in honor of Karen Spears Zacharias
Irene Zenev in honor of Penny Hummel

Gifts in Memory

Neilson Abeel in memory of Commissioner Nick Fish
Mariah Acton in memory of Anita Engiles
Anonymous in memory of Barry Lopez (2)
Dee Curwen in memory of Galen Nicholas Curwen-McAdams
Sherrie Day in memory of Essie Day
Cosette Freeman in memory of Wilma Daane
Esther Gross in memory of Jacqueline Davis
John Hammond in memory of Wal Hammond
James Hamrick in memory of Georgie Fox
Ezma Hanschka in memory of Mark Hanschka
Bette and Dean Husted in memory of Katharine Sheldahl-Thomasen
Richard Lewis and Meg Larson in memory of Carolyn Buau
Ward and Gale Lewis in memory of Robert L. Hamm
Julie Nittler in memory of Roger Nittler
Natalia O'Brien in memory of Finn Carwyn Kay-O'Brien
Jennifer Parrish Taylor in memory of Stephaine Parrish Taylor
David Pauli in memory of Kathryn Rood Patterson
David Prescott in memory of Bayard Rustin
Camille Preus in memory of Paul and Gilma Preus
Paul Rickey in memory of mother of Paul Rickey
Paul Suter in memory of Marcia Suter
Thomas Turkon in memory of Helen Segat
Marvin Weiss in memory of Hildegard Weiss
Vincent and Patricia Wixon in memory of Karl Hesse
Christy Wyckoff in memory of Laura Wyckoff