Union: Spring 2020

From the Director: Waiting for the Break

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Words about the work

Editors’ Note: Union

Reciprocity of Tradition

Native Americans of the Columbia Plateau use traditional practices to strengthen their communities and preserve their union with the land.

Organizing from the Outside

Members of the Kashmiri diaspora in Oregon find connection in protest as they mobilize against India’s military occupation of the region

Essential but Excluded

Adjunct instructors occupy a precarious and disempowered space in the institutions that have come to depend on them.

My Parents’ Exes

Who’s the star of a family’s story, and who’s a supporting player?

The Struggles That Unite Us

Retiring the myth of the urban-rural divide

The Privilege to Raise Our Voices

Why did I drag my daughter to the march? Because my mother could not.

One Country Again

What does it mean to be East German after the fall of the wall?


Readers write about “Union”

People, Places, Things

In the Field by Berenice Chavez