Facilitation Training

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Oregon Humanities offers trainings and facilitated conversations for the public and for nonprofits, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations. Facilitation Training equips community members and workplace teams with the skills and tools to plan and lead discussions about vital issues and ideas across differences, beliefs, and backgrounds.

The kind of training we do—teaching people to lead reflective conversations—gets a group of people talking with each other about big questions that folks think differently about based on their beliefs and experiences. Reflective conversations are opportunities for focused yet open-ended dialogue about ideas. Instead of reaching consensus, finding solutions, or debating an argument, the main goals are exploration and listening to others. We think reflecting on ideas in the company of others is one important way for people to think about the relationship between what they believe and how they act in the world. We also think it's a way to build community, gain understanding of a variety of perspectives, and strengthen how we work and live together in a meaningful way.


Reflective Conversation Training

Our reflective conversation training is available to the public and offered year-round in two different formats: in-person and online (via Zoom). All of our facilitation trainings are led by two facilitators. Trainings happen in our office in downtown Portland as well as in different communities around the state.

Custom Trainings and Conversations

Our experienced trainers can work with your organization, agency, or other professional or community space to meet your unique needs and goals. Examples of our custom work include the following:

  • Custom facilitation training
  • Custom conversations
  • Facilitation services 


"I learned the difference between reflective conversations and other types of conversations—which was a really helpful delineation in my mind. I learned different tactics that will help achieve different goals in the conversation. Probably the biggest thing I'm taking away is the concept of 'choice'—there is no 'right way' to lead these conversations and each design decision is a choice. Somehow that felt liberating for me!"

Oregon Humanities facilitation trainings are made possible in part thanks to the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Oregon Community Foundation.

Reflective Conversation Training

Oregon Humanities trainings give community members the skills to lead conversations about vital issues and ideas across differences, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Custom Trainings and Conversations

Oregon Humanities can lead onsite trainings and conversations to help meet the needs and goals of your organization or community.

Meet Our Trainers

Meet the trainers who lead Oregon Humanities' Facilitation Trainings.

Trainings for Libraries

September 5–6 in Grants Pass and September 26–27 in Newport