About the Work

At Oregon Humanities, we strive to always be learning and reflecting on our work. Here's where we share what we learn as we refine our programs and practices.

Strategic Framework

This strategic framework will help us, in an ongoing moment of economic, social, and political uncertainty, create conditions in which Oregonians from all parts of the state can connect across differences of background, experience, and belief to consider key questions, respond to shared challenges, and imagine and work toward stronger communities. In developing this framework, we have updated our mission, sharpened our focus on three key organizational values and articulated what these values mean in action, identified several animating tensions, and set out goals and strategies for the next three years. Read the entire 2021–25 Strategic Framework.

Equity and Inclusion Lens

The Oregon Humanities equity work team produced in 2017 an Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook to guide our organizational work. This handbook is an adaptation from the City of Ottawa Equity and Inclusion Lens, which was coproduced by the City of Ottawa and the City for All Women Initiative in 2011 and revised in 2015. Some concepts have been adapted from Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World by Julie O’Mara and Alan Richter and from the Center for Equity and Inclusion’s Reframing Racism workshop. Read the entire Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook. Please do not reproduce or distribute this document without permission from Oregon Humanities.