Push: Spring 2019

Editor's Note: Pushing Forward, Holding Back

Cultivating Compassion

Conversation Project leader Surabhi Mahajan wants to get Oregonians talking about hunger.

Meaningful Moves

The Humanity in Perspective program’s first year on Portland’s east side

Opening up Empathy

Bringing the story of the Wallowa Band Nez Perce to classrooms in northeastern Oregon

From the Director: Paying Attention

Process and Privilege

When it comes to renaming streets, not all petitioners are treated equally.

Black Mark, Black Legend

Uncovering the lineage of Black artists in Portland


A student reckons with an inappropriate teacher’s power and her own powerlessness.

Reflections on an Icon

Finding personal connection in a universal icon


Searching for a solution at a training for teachers on responding to school shootings

The Life We Pay For

My sister and I both grew up in poverty. Why have our lives turned out so differently?


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