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“I am Adrienne and I am a person, I bring my humanity to everything I do, but now I have become a symbol of something. Understanding what I represent for others has a lot of value and I want to respect that.” 

—Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson, Think & Drink guest, Portland

“I appreciate Bridging Oregon for bringing us together to learn from one another. I definitely learned how to approach the tough and divisive subjects with open communication and to own the ideas and thoughts that I am putting out into the world. 

One thing that struck me, though, was the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the group. I know that there are not many people of color on our north coast, and one voice in particular that I think was missing was of the Native American communities. I think their voices are an important part of Oregon conversations.” 

Lâm Quang, Bridging Oregon participant, Astoria

“This training helped me pause and reflect on how much talking we participate in, versus real conversations. How can I provide space for questions that engage us in conversations that create relationships that strengthen my community?

I learned that this kind of space is created with intention, strategic thinking, and stories of our personal experiences.”

Gayle Yamasaki, facilitation training participant, Klamath Falls

“My experience in this year’s Humanity in Perspective cohort has been enlightening and thought provoking. The structure of the class is unlike any I’ve seen before, with emphasis on group discussions and collaborative thinking. The subjects we explore have been surprisingly relevant to my life as a creative individual who cares deeply about intellectual honesty. I was away from the classroom setting for more than four years, and this experience has given me the confidence to further my education and explore my creative potential.”

Luis Medina, Humanity in Perspective student, Portland


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