Turn: Summer 2018

Editor's Note: The Point of the World

Creating Connection Across Oregon

Bridging Oregon and Dear Stranger are starting conversations about the places we call home.

Exploring Sovereignty

The treaty that established the Warm Springs Indian Reservation returns to Oregon in a new exhibit.

Engaging as Fellow Humans

Tyler White creates conversations for social change.

"Poetry Builds Community"

Kim Stafford is Oregon’s ninth Poet Laureate.

From the Director: Word Problems

Deep Roots

Homecoming, celebration, and community on a Portland urban farm

A Lot to Ask of a Name

White spaces and Indian symbols

Out of the Woods

A chance encounter, a lost boy, and endangered forest

Episodes in People Watching

How do we teach our kids to be wary of their surroundings?

People, Not Pundits

A woman tries to understand her mother's politics.

Day of Judgment

After a Supreme Court ruling goes his way, a musician realized winning can be complicated.


Readers write about Turn

Read. Talk. Think.

Things that make you say O. Hm.

Croppings: The Casta Paintings

Through September 8, 2018 at the Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland