Workshops and Trainings

Joseph Glode

Oregon Humanities offers facilitated conversations and trainings for nonprofits, foundations, corporations, and government agencies looking to get their employees to reflect on the work they do together and foster deeper connections between people in their organizations or communities. We lead conversations and trainings on a fee-for-service basis.

The conversations we plan and lead help build strong teams and get people connecting and reflecting about the work they do in the world. Our conversations and trainings can help you organize and lead more creative and productive meetings and articulate your values to engage more effectively with your employees, partners, and community.

Here are some of the ways we can work together. If you want to learn more, please contact Rachel Bernstein, Partnership and Training Manager, at or (503) 241-0543, ext. 124.

Facilitation Training
Our staff and facilitators can lead onsite trainings to help your team members strengthen their skills in planning and facilitating reflective conversations within your organization or the greater community. 

Conversation Programs
What drives your work? What matters to your organization? Oregon Humanities can customize conversation programs for staff development programs such as “Lunch and Learns,” retreats, and in-service days. They can be continuing education opportunities or help with team building by sparking new ways of thinking and working together.


Some recent examples of our workplace programs include the following:

Portland Children’s Museum
Oregon Humanities led a series of three workshops on the subject of diversity and equity for seventy Portland Children’s Museum employees from all levels and departments of the organization.

Ruth Shelly, the museum’s executive director, said, “The way the conversation was facilitated got us all talking together about complex, sensitive issues of both personal and organizational importance. The skillful guidance through self-reflection prepared us to tackle difficult topics from a safe place of trust and respect. I know there’s a long and challenging road ahead, but this work—the process, not the product—helped us take the first steps in the right direction.”

Portland State University
The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Portland State University asked Oregon Humanities to plan and facilitate focus-group and college-wide discussions to determine what major issues the college faced and potential routes to resolving those issues.

Karen Marrongelle, interim dean of the college, said of “played an essential role in asking the right questions so that the goals of the conversation were appropriately framed; this was a critical piece of making the Conversation a success.”

Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Humanities planned and facilitated dialogue and reflection activities at a team retreat for Oregon Community Foundation’s Studio to School initiative. Oregon Humanities staff prepared discussion materials, introduced and wrapped up the session, and led breakout conversations with seventy-two team members.

We are pleased to have facilitated workplace conversations and trainings for the following organizations: