The City: Fall/Winter 2013

Into the Welter

Editor's note

This Land Planned for You and Me

What do Oregon's communities look like forty years after the passage of Senate Bill 100?

Imaginary Metropolis

Our perfect cities, like our perfect selves, will never be built.

Design for a Crowded Planet

A traveling exhibition offers innovative solutions by and for city dwellers.

What It Means to Say Portland

Mitchell S. Jackson on the experience of growing up Black in North and Northeast Portland.

In-Between Place

Brian Doyle argues that life in the suburbs is far from the bland prison it is made out to be.

Belonging and Connection

Bette Lynch Husted on imperfect small-town life in Pendleton.

On the River

Debra Gwartney on learning to love the isolation of her adopted home on the McKenzie River.

Why We Stay

Monica Drake on raising a family in an urban neighborhood instead of a more serene but less vibrant rural place.


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