2016 Annual Report

2016 was a very full year for Oregon Humanities—full of people all around the state listening, wondering, and working together to improve what this place is and might be.

As our state grows and changes, and as our nation does the same, we will continue to run into questions that cannot be answered quickly or easily and tensions that may never go away. But we should continue to find ways to think through these questions and face up to these tensions together—and that’s what Oregon Humanities tries, in a number of ways and with a wide and growing network of partners, to do.

Thank you for your commitment to us and what we do—and thanks especially for your commitment to what we work for: a more reflective, more connected, and more just Oregon. We hope you’re proud of efforts like those described below, and we hope you’ll stay with us and help us as we, too, grow and change.

One thing that won’t change is our gratitude for your support.

Thank you for so much inspiration, encouragement, and partnership in 2016. I look forward to continuing the work together in the years to come.

—Adam Davis, Executive Director

What We've Been Up To
Where We've Been
Donors and Sponsors
2016 Statement of Activities
What's Next?

What We've Been Up To

Considering This Place
More than six hundred Oregonians came together through the summer and fall in twenty-one communities around the state to talk about the places they’ve come from and the places they’re in now; consider how communities have lost or gained land and power; and explore how to engage with their places and communities. This Place was a series of twenty-eight community conversations and one-day gathering presented by Oregon Humanities with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Common Good initiative.

Image: A conversation at the This Land Gathering in Newberg in October 2016. Photo by Emily Garrick


Thinking (and Drinking) around Oregon
Oregon Humanities partnered with the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative to present eight Think & Drink events with Pulitzer-winning journalists and novelists—including Isabel Wilkerson, Laila Lalami, Katherine Boo, and Héctor Tobar—in Portland, Bend, Eugene, Astoria, and Ashland.

Image: Laila Lalami and Jason Graham at Think & Drink in Bend in February 2016. Photo by Matthew Grimes


Starting New Conversations
In summer 2016, Oregon Humanities debuted a new Conversation Project catalog featuring thirty-two programs on diverse subjects including homelessness, immigration, international trade, and Oregon’s fishing industry. More than 2,500 Oregonians came together to talk about vital issues and ideas in every corner of the state.

In Portland, we partnered with Catlin Gabel’s PLACE program to present WeLead, a new project to train young people to facilitate public discussions about difficult issues in their communities. Read more about WeLead here

Image: Participants at a conversation with Walidah Imarisha in Prineville presented by Oregon Humanities and the Rural Oranizing Project in  April 2016. Photo by Matthew Grimes

Exploring Land, Power, and Belonging
In Oregon Humanities magazine and on oregonhumanities.org, Oregon writers, photographers, and video artists shared hidden histories—from the Chinese vegetable gardens of nineteenth-century Portland to the open discrimination against soldiers of color in 1940s Southern Oregon—and intimate stories of breaking free, fitting in, and scraping by. Mothers voiced their hopes and fears for their daughters and their sons. And the stories continued off the page, starting conversations on immigration, belonging, and parenting.

Image: Chinese gardens in Goose Hollow, circa 1882

Where We've Been

Oregon Humanities presented in-person events in thirty of Oregon’s thirty-six counties in 2016 in partnership with more than one hundred local community organizations from the Astor Library Friends Association to the Wallowa Land Trust.

Through Oregon Humanities magazine and oregonhumanities.org, we send essays, videos, and audio exploring the thoughts, perspectives, and experiences of Oregonians to communities all over Oregon. Our nearly fourteen thousand magazine subscribers live in every county in the state.

Thank You

The following supporters made gifts to Oregon Humanities between November 1, 2015 and October 31, 2016. Click a donation level to expand the list of donors.

Names listed in bold have supported Oregon Humanities for five consecutive years or more.

$100,000+ National Endowment for the Humanities
Oregon Cultural Trust
Neuner Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Oneatta Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

$50,000+ James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation

$20,000+ WRG Foundation Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
Meyer Memorial Trust
Oregon Community Foundation
Ronnie Lacroute Foundation Fund of the Cornell University Foundation

$15,000+ Collins Foundation
Kinsman Foundation

$10,000+ Bloomfield Family Foundation
Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Juan Young Trust
Al Jubitz

$5,000+ Echo Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Gardener Grout Foundation
Gretchen Schuette
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
The Standard Insurance Company
The Wyss Foundation

$2,500+ Sona Karentz Andrews
Autzen Foundation
Matthew and Catherine Boulay
Downtown Development Group and the Goodman Family
The Jackson Foundation
Leotta Gordon Foundation
Julie Mancini and Dennis Bromka
Pamela and Mike Morgan
Tonkon Torp Attorneys LLP
J. Schuberth and J. Urang
Janet G. Webster

$1,000+ Backes and Roberts Family
Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Truman Collins
Jeff Cronn
Adam Davis and Hana Layson
Carol Edelman
Emily Georges Gottfried Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Sara Hopkins-Powell
Emily Karr and Townsend Hyatt
Shannon Mara and David Smullin
Ralph and Fanny Ellison Charitable Trust
Denise Reed
Tony and Melissa Salvador
Spark Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Miriam Feuerle
The Roundhouse Foundation
Shepard Family Philanthropy Fund
Chantal Strobel
Union Bank of California Foundation
Paul and Lory Utz
Charles and Cherie Walker

$500+ Jean and Ray Auel
Barbara Bannister and Arnold Zenger
Ed and Maureen Battistella
Al Johnson and Susan Brody
Adam and Regina Davis
Jelly Helm
John Holloran
The Johnson Family Foundation
Robert Melnick and Suzanne Bunker
Lois Mills
Julia K. Murray
Lisa and David Platt
Ruth Rabinovitch and Tom Treger
John Shipley
Tillamook County Pioneer Museum
TJ Education Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

$250+ Cynthia and Steven Addams
Anonymous (2)
Martha Mull Belluschi
Lara Bjork and Damon Jansen
Paul and Nancy Bragdon
Evona Brim
Mike and Sandy Dubinsky
Richard L. Hay
Kimberly Howard
Leslie Labbe
Hanna Liebl
Barry Lopez and Debra Gwartney
Lindley Morton and Corrine Oishi
Samuel and Mary Naito
Norma Paulus
Portland General Electric Employee Engagement Fund
Rick Sadle and Halle Mandel Sadle
Jennifer Sasser and Simeon K. Dreyfuss
Jane Spencer
Susan M. Hammer Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Dave Weich
Tom and Kit Whittaker
Marilyn Woodrich

$100+ Carl Abbot and Margery Post Abbott
Gary and Carla Albright
Betsy Amster
Michael Andrews
Greg Applegate
Martha Banyas and Michael Hoye
Paul Bascom
Betty's Books
Ted and Betty Bezzerides
Louise Bishop and James Earl
Susan and Larry Black
Robert E. Blum and Carol M. Black
Michelle Boss Barba and Salwan Searty
Mary Bothwell
Janet Bowler
Elissa Breitbard
Marianne Buchwalter
Kathryn Bulinski
Cheryl Capellen
Kate Cavanagh
William Collins and Margaret Hart
Mark and Carolyn Conahan
Dave and Char Corkran
Ron and Teecia Cornelius
Seth Cotlar
Robert Vieira and Abby Crumpacker Vieira
Shauna Curphey
Naomi Dagen Bloom
Judy Davis
Judith Demarest
Kimberly Dornan
CeCie and Ken Doud
Don Drake
Madelyn Driscoll
Barbara Dudley
Veronica Dujon
Lori and Scott Eberly
Beth and Bill Ellis
Arthur and Margianne Erickson
Ann and David Fidanque
Robert Geddes
Karen Gernant
Melody Ghormley and Kyle Kroker
José González and Dañel Malan
Adam Green
Esther Gross
Ulrich Hardt and Karen Johnson
Lyn Hennion
Michael Hetrick
Gerry Hodges
Eloise Holland and Melissa McClure
Greg Holmes
Kathleen Holt and Alex Dupey
Steve and Kris Hudson
Fran and Dave Hunter
Bette and Dean Husted
Michael Johnson
Colin Jones
Annie and Aaron Kaffen
Claire Kellogg and Bruce Betzer
Janet Kelly
Kate Lasky
Philip Lewin
Richard Lewis and Meg Larson
Margaret Liebert
Ken Limbocker
Wenda Lloyd
Donna Loveland
George and Mary Ann Machan
Gary Maffei
Barbara and Timothy Mahoney
Deborah Maria
Cecily McCaffrey
Jim McConville
Richard Meeker and Ellen Rosenblum
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Joe Miller
Randolph Miller
Kate Mills
Marilyn Moody
Alberto Moreno
Ann Morgan
Al and Peggy Morlang
Milton and Shirley Nelson
Sarah Newhall
Miles Novy
George and Deborah Olsen
David C. Olson
Madeline Olson
Paulann Petersen
Shirley Plummer
Peter and Josephine Pope
Judith Pulman
Mary Rechner
Robert Reed
Richard Rees
Hyosuk Rhee
Dell Rhodes
Laura Rice and Karim Hamdy
Martha and David Richards
Marguerite and Rodney Roberson
Glenn Rodriguez
Sally Russell
Jane Sage
Dianne Sawyer and Richard Petersen
Bob Scales
Robin Schauffler
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Schmidt
Aili Schreiner and Kyle Brown
Carole Shellhart and Bob McGranahan
Bill Smaldone
Valarie Smith
James and Joyce Spain
Maggie Starr
Mary Szybist and Gerald Harp
Theodore Taylor and Denise Stone
Robin Teater
Linda and James Thomas
Dan and Joan Thorndike
Misti Timshel
Nancy Tolin
Kay Toran
Elliot and Dagne Trommald
Clifford and Jo Anne Trow
Barbara Van Raalte
Thomas Van Raalte
Erin K. Olson and Karyn D. Vincent
Jennifer Viviano and Fritz Paulus
Pamela Vohnson and David Streight
Roger Vrilakas
Naomi and Cliff Wamacks
Ben Waterhouse and Deanna Oothoudt
Julia and Bill Wayne
Helen Weber
Maxeen Wegner
Dave Weich
Gail Wells
Karla Wenzel
Patricia West and William Cummings
Martin and Carolyn Winch
Vincent and Patricia Wixon
Carolyn Wright
Merri Wyatt
Wes Yamamoto
Bill and Julie Young
Stephen Young and Jane Fellows
Rebecca Youngstrom and Ronald Atwood

Up to $99 Howard Aaron
Mary and Richard Adkisson
Allys Allwardt
Christine Anderson
Anonymous (18)
Linda K. Appel
Robert Arellano
William Ashworth
Kristy Athens and Mike Midlo
James Atteberry and Stephen Emmons
Marilyn and Gennaro Avolio
Jay Backstrand
Anna Baiocco Druse and Stephen Druse
Patricia Ball
Nancye and Jim Ballard
R. Banker
William B. Barnett
Claire Barr Wilson
Lois Barry
Scott Bauska
Range Bayer
Jane and Jim Beaver
Susan Becic
Charlotte Becker and Blane Rhoads
Leslie Taylor and Douglas Beers
Judith Belk
Kathryn B. Belknap
Rosemary Bennett
Joel Berning
Cindy and Gene Biboux
Harvey Black
Ernie Bonyhadi
Diana and Darryl Boom
Tom Booth and Megan Holden
Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand
Joan Bradley
Trevor A. Brandon
Christopher Bratt
Catherine and Thomas Briggs
Dominique Brillanceau
Dawn Brittain
Vicki Bruno
Mark Buchanan and Myla Thomas
Catriona and Ben Buhayar
Thien-Kim Bui
Eleanor Burke
Ian Burrell
Erin Butler
Joel Butler
Satya Bycock
Kathleen Callas
Brett Cannon
Eliza and Kevin Canty-Jones
Doug and Liz Capps
Monica Card
Claire Carder
Kent and Eleanor Carlson
Chelsea Carpenter
Sarah Carter
Nancy Carlin and Craig Casey
Justin Chin
Wanda Chin and Terry Dickey
Kara Christenson
Jenny Chu
Barbara Clark
Cary Clarke and Meredith Dunn
Karen Clarke
Richard and Rosalie Clinton
Ann Collins
Mary Conlow
Mary Ann Constans
Laura Content and Craig Beebe
Paula Cracas
Aimee Craig and BJ Abe
Hanna Craig
Heather Craig
Ronald Crete
Michael Cullerton
May Dasch
Cindy Dauer
Stanlynn Daugherty
Robert Davis
John Day
Mary and Bruce DeLoria
Karen Delsman
Sarah Deumling
Robert Devoe
Dorothy K. Dinneen
Maureen Doherty
Linda Dolan
Jennifer Dorner
Thomas and Nancy Doulis
Nathan and Eva Douthit
Christine Drazan
Rose Driessen
Jo Durand
Sidney Eaton Jr.
Rich Eichen
Patrick Emerson
Walter Englert
Kathy Esslinger
Elizabeth Farrell
Thomas Fawkes and Judith Poxson Fawkes
Louise Feldman
Sandra Ferguson
Leigh Ferrari
Carol Ferris
Margot Fetz
Wendy Feuer
Linda Finley
Judy Fisher
Raissa Fleming
Dolores Foglio
Susan Forkner
Stuart and Karen Foster
Nicholas Hengen Fox and Emily Teplin Fox
Jean M. France
Jocelyn Furbush
Roger Gaither and May Garland
Kara Gandesbery
Charles and Kristine Geier
Erna Gelles and Alan MacCormack
Carol J. Gerity
Tracy Gibbs
Tim Gillespie
Janet Goetze Sanderson
Michael and Fran Goldstein
Patricia Gordon
Robin Gordon
Jacquelyn Grandy
Laura Greene
Jamee Greer
Donna Gregerson
Paul Gregorio
Fred Grewe
Michael Griggs
Chris Hagerbaumer
Vonnie Haley-Condon and Joseph Condon
Juli Hamdan
Eva Hamilton
James Hampton
Susan Hanson
Stacey Hardie
Laura Hardin
Sarah Hardin
Bill and Barbara Harris
Maria Harris
Mary Harris
Philip Harris and Erica Dunn
Judith Harrison
Alina Harway and Josh McLaughlin
John Hawkins
Elizabeth Hayes and Larry Slessler
Susan E. Hayes
Thomas Head
Edward and Kathleen Heath
Mary Heffernan
Tia Henderson
Paul and Maggy Henry
Roland and Cathy Henson
Norma E. Heyser
Jack and Irene Hilbourne
Paige Hill
Myra Himmelfarb
Andrea Hollander
Mark and Ann Hollyfield
Ann S. Holznagel
Sheryl Horwitz and Larry Knudsen
Jessie and Philip Hostetler
Cassandra Hughes
Douglas Huneke
Beverly Hunnicutt
Kamla Hurst and Mark Yamagishi
Lori Hymowitz and Andrew Nemec
Lawson and Janet Inada
Roger Irvin
Carol and Nithyanand Iyer
Vickie and Donald Jackson
Margaret James
Kyle Jansson and Carol Harding
Kathleen and John Jaworski
Doug and Antonia Jenkins
S.J. Jenkins
Kimberly Jensen
Christopher Johnson
David A. Johnson
Nels Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Kelly Jones-Weir
Marean Jordan
Janette Kaden
Josh Kadish and Lisa Maas
Edward and Debra Kaye
Marilynn Keenan
Nancy Kelly
Peggy and Jim Kelter
Terry Kemple
Janice and Mark Kettler
Gretchen Kimsey
John Kirk
Jerome Kleffner
Rachel and Marc Klippenstein
Beverly Klock
Kristan Knapp
Annie Knepler and Adam Fischler
Don and Judith Kramer
Robert Kravitz
Betty LaDuke
Bromleigh and Mary Lamb
Jann Lane
Viki Lange
Elinor Langer
Claudia and John Lapham
Robert and Dorothy Larsen
Patrick Lau
Jennifer Laverdure
Robert and Jeannine Leeper
Pat Lehman
Nora Leibowitz and Chris Hallstrom
MaOxford Lerotholi
Philip Levinson
Louie Levy
Muriel D. Lezak
Robert Liebman
Susan Lienhart
Life and Limb Built, LLC
Teresa Lilly-Halbrook
Mickey Lindsay
Ingrid Louiselle
Ruth and Kenneth Love
Richard Lufrano
Elizabeth Maciolek
Melissa Madenski
Bill and Mary Mainwaring
Gertrude Maloney
Barbara Manildi
Frances and Jan Margosian
Donald Marinello and Michelle Swanson
Anna Marti
Shelly Matthys
Fred and Elizabeth Maurer
James Mayer
Guy and Shelley Maynard
Selma McAlaster
Charles and Ellen McClure
Daniel and Kendal McDonald
Dallion McGregor
Anne McLauglin
Joan and Frank McNamara
Heidi and Dylan McNamee
Harold McNaron
Kathleen Melhuse and Malcolm Snider
Wendi and Sanford Menashe
Christine Menefee
Margaret Mesirow
Sara Meyer
Noel Mickelberry
Alden Moberg
Ray and Lorinda Moholt
Judy Monroe
Nancy Montgomery
Chris Mooers
Jeffrey Morgan
Julie Morris
Emily Carpenter Mostue
Gail Mueller and Paul Poresky
Joanne Mulcahy and Bob Hazen
Jean Murphy
Tara Murphy
Rosslyn Nayer
Ann Nelson
Priscilla M. Nelson
Roxanne Nelson
Elizabeth and Edward Neuwelt
Annette Newman
Steve Norcross
Sara Nosanchuk
Melissa Nubla
Damon and Margaret Ogle
Linda E. Olds
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Margaret Olney and Steve Marsh
Sara Olsgaard
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Lorraine Ortiz
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Bonnie Osborne and Bill Spores
Susan Osborne
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Vicki Palmer
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Britt Parrot and Kimmie Brunke
Ruth Parvin
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Walter Perry and Christine Chute
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Christopher Petryszak and Veronica Johnson
Caryn Pinard
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Aaron Poresky and Yasmin Khajavi
Sandy Post
Jonathan Potkin
Patricia Raley
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Sigrid Rasmussen
Shelley and Mary Reece
Melissa Reed and Matt Smith
Cleo Reilly
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Glenn and Monet Rubin
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Jessica Scarborough and Paul Weiss
Diane Schaffer
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Evan P. Schneider and Judith Edwards
Beverly Schumacher
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Donald and Darlene Searcy
Jim and Julie Searcy
Diana and Jerry Sellers
Heidi Senior
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Laura Sherrill and Stephen Chipps
Gilbert and Barbara Shibley
Louise Shirley
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Maureen Simmonds
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Carol Skowron and Joe Pitcavage
Maureen Sloan
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Cheryl Snow and James Ancell
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Scott Sparling and Harriet Miller
Mary Ann and William Spear
Barbara Spencer
Linda and Charles Spray
John and Janet Stahl
Ann Starr
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Kimberly Stevens
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Peter and Gwen Stone
Rebecca Strader
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William Sullivan and Janell Sorenson
Russy and Anita Sumariwalla
Diane L. Taylor
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Paddy and Bryony Tillett
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Maeona Urban
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Gerard and Rita Van Deene
Michael and Sarah Van Kleeck
Margaret Van Vliet
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Dorothy Velasco and John Dewenter
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Darlene and Bob Young
Janet Young and Robert Hinger
Irene Zenev
Marge Zettler
Elisabeth Zinser
Martin Zottola
Jan Zuccarini

Oregon Humanities FY 2016 Statement of Activities

Total Revenue  
National Endowment for the Humanities 789,820
Oregon Cultural Trust
Contributions and grants 343,649
Program and other income 64,814
Endowment distribution 18,087
Total Funds Distribution  
Education and Public Programming 540,658
Grants to community organizations and scholars 169,740
Publications 309,269
Management 216,215
Development 181,653
Gain 20,897

All we need now is you. Join the conversation by finding an event near you on our calendar. Become an Oregon Humanities volunteer or attend a facilitation training. Learn more about our staff and board. Or just drop us a line at o.hm@oregonhumanities.org.