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Growing Old in a Time of Uncertainty

No matter our age, we all hear and tell stories about growing older that reflect our own ideals and fears and the ideals and fears of our communities. As we live in this time of uncertainty, what stories of aging are we revising? Are there new roles we are creating? How does the power of these stories affect us and communities during this time?

Event | June 30, 2020

Talking about Retirement

A conversation with Jason Arias on the importance of talking more about retirement in our communities.

Beyond the Margins | February 21, 2020

Senior Dance Night

Josephine Cooper writes about finding her way back to the dance floor later in life.

Magazine | August 14, 2019

Cover Songs of Myself

Jason Arias on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the different versions of ourselves.

Beyond the Margins | June 14, 2019


Renee Soasey writes about reckoning with her father's life and approaching death.

Magazine | December 13, 2018

Conversation Project: Just a Number

Event | March 2, 2018


Readers write about Harm

Magazine | December 15, 2017

My Brother's Keeper: "Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia"

This fall, Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario will present "My Brother's Keeper," a series of eight documentary film screenings exploring the lives of marginalized peoples and issues such as mental health, addiction, and mass incarceration. Each screening will be followed by a presentation and Q&A session by a local nonprofit or government agency.

Event | October 11, 2017

Conversation Project: Just a Number

Aging and Intergenerational Friendship

Event | September 28, 2017