Events & Opportunities

July 15, 2021

Consider This with David Treuer

On July 15, David Treuer, author of The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee, will join Oregon Humanities for a conversation on land, possession, and justice. The history of the Americas is inextricable from the theft of land from Native people. How should we, in the present, deal with this fact?

5:00 p.m. Pacific, Virtual Event, statewide

July 20, 2021

Housing and Belonging

Housing and homelessness is a visible and divisive issue in local media, in politics, and across different communities within our state. Many of us were experiencing housing instability and economic uncertainty even during the “boom” times before the current crisis. This conversation will explore common assumptions and perspectives about the experience of houselessness/homelessness and seek to answer the question, How do we decide who “belongs” in our community?

5:30 p.m., Virtual Event, statewide

July 22, 2021

Conspiracy Theories

In this program, we’ll explore some conspiracy theories old and new, famous and obscure. What common themes do they share? How do they operate as stories and how do they evolve? What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and myth, folklore, and “fake news”? We’ll talk about the mechanics of conspiracy theories as we explore how to determine what’s true, what’s false, and whom to trust.

5:00 p.m., Virtual Event, statewide

July 22, 2021

What Is a Creative Priority?

So the world is ending, want to start a record label? This conversation investigates the relevance of making art during times of personal, communal, or global crisis. How can we justify painting when we don’t know where our food is going to come from? What resources are needed to create meaningful work when resources are limited? What exactly does creativity offer us during this time of obvious uncertainty? What is our collective and personal obligation to creativity during a significant upheaval? Join MOsley WOtta for a conversation about getting creative during the apocalypse

6:30 p.m., Virtual Event, statewide

August 25, 2021

Can We Get Along?

Rodney King’s iconic question still resonates today. Despite decades of social justice movements, police brutality and divisions persist in the United States. COVID-19 has only added more challenges. How can we connect to each other during these times? What holds us back from connecting with each other? How do our personal experiences contribute to barriers, or and have the potential to break them down? Join facilitator Chisa Hata as she holds space to examine individual questions on race, cultural values, and what brings us together and what separates us.

5:00 p.m., Virtual Event, statewide