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Sexual Violence and the Meaning of Justice with claire barrera

In this conversation we will explore the potential meanings of justice, specifically in instances of sexual violence. Who defines it, how is it achieved, and when do we know we’ve succeeded?

Event | June 2, 2020

Making Men—2016

Bobbie Willis Soeby writes about raising her sons to not rape in the 2016 “Edge” issue.

Magazine | December 23, 2019


Dan Falkner writes about searching for a solution at a training for teachers on responding to school shootings.

Magazine | April 29, 2019


A student reckons with an inappropriate teacher’s power and her own powerlessness. An excerpt from Reema Zaman's memoir, I Am Yours.

Magazine | April 29, 2019

A Lot to Ask of a Name

Natchee Blu Barnd on how Native American names are used as symbols in white spaces

Magazine | August 30, 2018

Never Paid in Full

April Slabosheski on what Holocaust reparations can teach us about seemingly immeasurable debts

Magazine | April 27, 2018

"It's Just a Beer"

Kira Smith on the unspoken contracts between men and women

Magazine | April 25, 2018