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The Act of Remembering

Jamie Passaro reflects on the purpose of the obituary.

Magazine | August 24, 2022

Consider the Wedding—2004

Jamie Passaro considers why women who know better still buy into the Big Bucks White Wedding industry in the 2004 “Marriage” issue.

Magazine | December 23, 2019

What I Do

Between writing, housekeeping, and mothering, my life is full. But I still feel pressure to make my mark, to show I was here. An essay by Jamie Passaro.

Beyond the Margins | March 28, 2019

The Reflex

Jamie Passaro on searching for the cause of her daughter's debilitating tantrums

Magazine | December 15, 2017

Magazine Podcast: Fix

Jaimie Passaro talks about parenting through bipolar episodes with Oregon Humanities editor Kathleen Holt

Beyond the Margins | August 6, 2015

Resume Usual Activity

Jamie Passaro writes about parenting—and being parented—through mental illness.

Magazine | April 7, 2015

Love Thy Neighbor (Sometimes)

A close-knit neighborhood can make us happy, but it can also add to the busy-ness of daily life. An essay by Jamie Passaro

Magazine | December 5, 2010