Minor Malady


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This writer has brilliantly captured the complex emotions of struggling with a chronic, irritating, and unsightly skin condition in a succinct way. Thank you for this work that has expanded my understanding.

Gerri Almand | April 2023 | Eugene, Oregon

I am a dermatologist specializing in working with patients with severe eczema. Your depiction of guilt is spot on. In my lectures here and abroad, I often relay the guilt patients with atopic dermatitis experience due to well-meaning friends, family, and even doctors who state eczema/atopic dermatitis comes from stress and would get better if they just improved their diet or just stopped scratching. This opened my eyes to ANOTHER source of guilt. We now know this is a genetic inflammatory disease and I encourage others to discuss the new targeted treatment options that target the underlying cause and can bring a new life to patients with severe eczema/atopic dermatitis. Thank you or this powerful work and is reminiscent of the great Chris Ware. Bravo!

Eric Simpson | April 2023 | OHSU

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