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This free subscription is very important to me, as it keeps my friends and I in touch with the best of humanities work being done in the state. I am a supporter and fan!

Judith Lee Cornell | January 2018 | The Dalles, Oregon

Thank you for the free subscription, it means a lot to receive it.

Sharon M. | December 2017 | Central Oregon

Thank you for providing this survey opportunity. I don't know how OH identifies its target audience, but I think there might be great opportunities to broaden and increase the scope. The primary means would be through a project/series of essays on the transformation of Oregon culture in the past 40 or so years...Oregon, from cultural backwater to cultural centrum, or something like that, galvanizing people from all aspects of state life to reflect on how Oregon has gone from a little-known and mispronounced state to a destination on the lips of many people. There are tons of topics that could be broached, and the goal would be to define in more detail the cultural forces shaping Oregon, crucial decisions made in shaping the state and the resultant reality.. One example, but hundreds could be given. One might argue that Sid Lezak, US ATTy for Oregon from 1961-82 was a crucial figure in catalyzing OR's present identity. Why? He hired bright young attorneys from the East in his office. One example was the father of Sam Blackman, who died unexpectedly this year in his early 40s but having already contributed a new sense to OR (and hundreds of jobs) to develop OR's tech identity. There are hundreds of stories of the cultural shaping of OR in the last 40 years that can be ferreted out and told.

William Long | December 2017 | Salem

I've enjoyed Oregon Humanities for years and look forward to each issue. When I've finished, I share them with friends or contribute the issue to our public library.

Lawrence Nagel | December 2017 | Ashland, Oregon

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