A photograph of two pomegranates against a dark background

On this day have watermelon. Split pomegranate
to share. Break it easily under the water in the bowl.
Build a bonfire. For there is a loneliness around us.
May the fire light your way out of it. May the darkness
grow shorter as the light of the dusky hours grow tall
with each day that follows. Climb over the dark and
over the mountain. Beyond both something awaits us.
Bring picnic baskets. Blankets. Watermelon. A pretty plate.
Follow the peacock. Listen to the green bird sing. Let its song
climb. Into your deepest silence. Across your prettiest plate.
Today is the longest night. On tomorrow the dark
shortens. And the blueness of the winter flowers
will change. For you. Into another bluish blue. 




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Hi Anis, I'm an Iranian-American mom and am making Yalda gift boxes for children in my kids' Farsi class. And I was wondering if I could include your poem (with your name of course) in the packet I distribute to them about Yalda? It's a beautiful poem and one of the few about Yalda that I've found that is simple enough that children and teenagers will be able to follow along but beautiful for the parents also! Thanks, Nikoo

Nikoo Berenji | December 2022 | Pasadena, CA

So much feeling in your words, Anis! What joy and what sadness and what hope we all have! Thanks!

Anne Moshtael | December 2021 | Macon Georgia USA

I am always moved in some way by your excellent touching language. Such a pleasure to read this one.

Susan Engle | December 2021 | Indiana

Simply beautiful!!

Carol Sutton | December 2021 |

Incredible. Brought tears to my eyes. And yes, I will be having pomegranate on the 21st. Many thanks!

Cambry Dane | December 2021 |

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