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Editor's Note

In this issue, we explore how we remember and forget, as individuals and communities. Who and what do we remember? How are memories made and lost? And what, if anything, do they mean?

Magazine | August 24, 2022

Writing on the Landscape: Reimagining Monuments and Memorials

The public statues and markers we build are meant to tell stories and mark place. We know that their meaning goes far deeper than the surface. As debates over controversial monuments and memorials have occurred in the past number of years, statues have come down, sparking discussion about what should go up in their place and laying the groundwork for us to consider how we might go about that in new ways. Join David Harrelson and Jess Perlitz in this workshop, where they will share thoughts and considerations about the contemporary monument and memorial discussion. Using two proposals submitted by Grand Ronde as test cases, they will discuss some of the ideas and issues at stake. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in smaller group conversation to talk about what is being debated, how we go about reimagining, and what examples we already have that we can turn to for guidance and inspiration.

Event | May 24, 2022