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Trip to Richland

Laura Feldman writes about trying to make sense of a secret history.

Beyond the Margins | April 3, 2023

Sharing the Tools: Creative Collaboration for BIPOC Artists and Audiences

In this So Much Together workshop, participants explore how collaboration across mediums and creative backgrounds can lead to innovative processes and expressions in our art and lives. Presenters Manya Yana and Gabriel Barrera will share their own creative practices as writer /poet, visual artist, social justice advocates, and mentors for other BIPOC artists.

Event | April 29, 2023

Anis Mojgani Reading

Oregon Poet Laureate Anis Mojgani will give a reading at Art Center East in conjunction with the organization's seventh annual fiber arts and jewelry exhibit. The 2023 exhibit's theme is "Living Rural: Poetry in Fiber"; artists selected poems that inspired them to express the poetry of our daily lives.

Event | March 17, 2023

“We Have to Create Alternative Habitats for Writers”

Lidia Yuknavitch on the future of literature and art in Oregon and beyond. Interview by Alex Behr.

Beyond the Margins | December 23, 2021


Leah Altman reflects on revolutionary decolonization, ownership, and power.

Magazine | April 27, 2021

Connect in Place: Art as Activism: Changing the World through Creative Expression

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values, and translating experiences across space and time. How can you use art to talk about what you feel is right or wrong? Join Pepe Moscoso for a conversation that invites participants to intimately explore their feelings, sentiments, and experiences and how to use art as a medium to turn thinking into doing.

Event | May 18, 2021

Conversation Project: Ecology of Creative Space

Gathering Inspiration from the Natural World

Event | November 25, 2018

Sarah Schulman: Gentrification of the Mind

A reading, talk, and panel followed by a screening of United in Anger: A History of ACT UP

Event | December 2, 2017

Sarah Shulman: Reading <i>Conflict Is Not Abuse</i>

This free, facilitated reading group is part of PICA's World AIDS Day Program.

Event | December 3, 2017