So Much Together: Unpacking Our Past: History as a Catalyst for Change

with Taylor Stewart

May 4, 2024 | 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. | Historic Alberta House

5131 NE 23rd Ave., Portland OR 97211

This is a free, all-ages event. Advanced registration is required. Participants are encouraged to join us for a half hour before and after the event for optional conversation and socializing. 

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Oregon has a particularly unique history of racial injustice that in some ways mirrors and in other ways is distinct from the larger history of racial oppression that exists in our nation as a whole. As Oregonians, we’ve inherited these histories, and their legacies connect to present-day injustices. But what does it look like to confront them, as individuals and communities? And beyond that, how might we come together to shape those histories being written today?

Taylor Stewart has been helping communities ask these questions through his organization, Oregon Remembrance Project. In this workshop, he’ll share insights into community-based reconciliation projects in Coos Bay and Grants Pass and share the strategies that have helped people confront fear and powerlessness while staying engaged in this work. With these reparative frameworks in mind, participants will work together to design racial justice initiatives connected to specific Oregon histories and to develop accessible messaging that resonates across diverse communities and perspectives.

This workshop is more than a trip into the archives, it's an invitation to action. Join us to collectively reimagine the possibilities for remembering, repairing, and reconciling the past to create a more just future. 


Venue and workshop details

  • Historic Alberta House is a wheelchair-accessible venue, with an entrance ramp
  • There is no parking lot, but street parking is available near the venue. 
  • This venue has three unisex ADA-accessible restrooms on the first floor. 
  • Public transportation: This venue can be accessed by the 17 and 72 bus routes.
  • There will be one fifteen-minute break during the workshop. Participants are encouraged to break as needed for their own comfort.
  • Participants can expect to be seated for the majority of this workshop (excluding breaks). Comfortable seating will be available for all participants. 
  • Light snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic) will be provided for free.
  • Please contact r.medina@oregonhumanities if you have specific requests for accommodations or concerns about any aspect of participating in this workshop.

About the presenter

Taylor Stewart is the founder and Executive Director of the Oregon Remembrance Project (ORP). He is a lifelong Portlander and graduated from the University of Portland in 2018 with a degree in Communication and a Master’s in Social Work from Portland State University in 2021. Taylor started the ORP in 2018 to help communities unearth stories of injustice and engage in the necessary truth telling and repair required to reconcile instances of historical harm. His work connects historical racism to its present-day legacies in order to inspire contemporary racial justice action. In what started as simply a way to memorialize a man named Alonzo Tucker, the most widely documented African American victim of lynching in Oregon, Taylor has grown to see the power of reconciliation to rectify further instances of historical injustice. He gave a TED Talk with TEDx Portland in 2022 titled “How do you reconcile a lynching?” which applies the three R’s of reconciliation—remembrance, repair, and redemption—to the lynching of Alonzo Tucker. His work now extends to cover other stories of historical injustice in Oregon.