Hope and the Climate Crisis: The Tension Between Reality and Possibility

with Jacqueline Fitzgerald

November 9, 2023 | 4:30 p.m. | Pacific University McCall Center for Civic Engagement

2043 College Way, Washburne Hall / University Center Boxer Pause, Forest Grove OR 97116

With evidence of the climate crisis reaching all corners and communities of the world, the reality of what we are up against as a species is more present and overwhelming than ever before. In a recent conversation with Krista Tibbett on the podcast On Being, marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson asks a pivotal question about climate action: What if we get it right? With the 24-hour news cycle constantly reminding us that climate change is far worse and coming far faster than predicted, slipping into despair seems all too easy—but what about hope for a future full of solutions we’ve already imagined? What about what is possible? This conversation will open space to explore the tension between the reality of where we are, where we could go, and what it will take to get there. How does it feel to hold the scale of the challenge and also the possibility of a better future?

This event will take place in the Boxer Pause room at Washburne Hall

Jacqueline Fitzgerald M.Ed. is an embodied equity coach, healer, educator, facilitator, writer, and musician. Her decade of experience as a classroom teacher and equity and instructional leader in Portland-area public schools informs her worldview that is steeped in curiosity, creativity, and joy.  Jacque centers trauma-integrated practices in her work with individuals and groups. She believes it is through a practice of presence and attunement to our bodies, our complex inner multiplicity, and our relationships that we shape change.

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