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December 4, 2023

Conversation Project Leader Info Session

Oregon Humanities is looking for people who want to facilitate conversations that get people talking, listening, and connecting to one another as Conversation Project leaders.

Learn about the Conversation Project, what it's like to facilitate conversations with Oregon Humanities, and how to apply at an online information session with Program Lead Juliana Posada.

To request a link to join this session, please email Juliana at or call at 971-501-6917

10:00 a.m., Virtual Event, statewide

January 17, 2024

Conversation Project: Housing and Belonging

Housing and homelessness is a visible and divisive issue in local media, in politics, and across different communities within our state. Many of us were experiencing housing instability and economic uncertainty even during the “boom” times before the current crisis. This conversation will explore common assumptions and perspectives about the experience of houselessness/homelessness and seek to answer the question, How do we decide who “belongs” in our community?

Register for this free event here.

6:00 to 7:30 p.m., Cedar Mill Community Library, Portland

March 20, 2024

Everyone Can Be a Leader: Exploring Nontraditional Community Leadership

Popular understandings of leadership tell us that leaders look a certain way: they are in charge. They possess outward strength. They are extroverted and act pragmatically rather than emotionally. Perhaps most important, leaders are people in positions of authority and power. Is there an alternative type of leadership? When are we leaders in our communities? How can our unique senses of self contribute to our roles as leaders?

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6:00 p.m., Cedar Mill Community Library, Portland