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November 17, 2022

Conversation Project: Conspiracy Theories: Truths, Facts, and Tinfoil Hats

The Flat Earth Society. The Illuminati. QAnon. Sometimes it seems like conspiracy theories have been multiplying exponentially, especially in this time of global pandemic. Why do we gravitate toward conspiracy theories to make sense of the world? What human need do these stories fill? In this program, we’ll explore some conspiracy theories old and new, famous and obscure. What common themes do they share? How do they operate as stories and how do they evolve? What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and myth, folklore, and “fake news”? We’ll talk about the mechanics of conspiracy theories as we explore how to determine what’s true, what’s false, and whom to trust.

This is an in-person event. Proof of vaccination is required to attend. Learn more and RSVP here.

7:00 p.m., Hood River County History Museum, Hood River