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Think & Drink on Tourism in Tillamook County

Tillamook County Pioneer Museum and Oregon Humanities present a conversation on the challenges and benefits of tourism in Tillamook County.

Event | October 20, 2017

Think & Drink

A conversation focusing on race, power, and justice

Event | November 15, 2017

Think & Drink with Walidah Imarisha

A conversation on criminalization, poverty, prisons, harm, and systems of accountability within the US criminal justice system with writer and educator Walidah Imarisha.

Event | October 9, 2017

The Meaning of Home

A new conversation series looks at the far-reaching effects of Portland’s housing crisis.

Think & Drink | April 11, 2017

Think & Drink on Poverty, Displacement, and Inequality

A conversation with Portland leaders and activists working on creative ways to mitigate the effects of the city's housing shortage and build more stable, prosperous communities.

Event | May 17, 2017

Think & Drink on the Future of Urban Development in Portland

A conversation about the future of housing and urban development in Portland with civic leaders and developers poised to make it happen.

Event | March 15, 2017

Think & Drink

Sparks provocative conversations about big ideas.

Think & Drink | February 15, 2017

"I'm Not Staying Here Another Day"

A conversation about the Great Migration with Isabel Wilkerson and Rukaiyah Adams

Beyond the Margins | June 28, 2016

Dreaming New Worlds

Think & Drink | May 7, 2015

The Antidote of Conversation

Think & Drink | February 9, 2015

The Sheen of Something Broken

Think & Drink | January 16, 2015

Who's Minding Your Business?

A conversation with writer William T. Vollmann on privacy, surveillance, and hope

Magazine | March 25, 2014

Think & Drink Archive

Did you miss one of our Think & Drink conversations? You can find audio and video from past events here.

Think & Drink | August 1, 2009