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Documentary Film Series in Ontario

Four Rivers Cultural Center's series "My Brother's Keeper" screens eight films on issues such as mental health, addiction, and mass incarceration. The series is supported by a Responsive Program Grant from Oregon Humanities.

Responsive Program Grants | September 6, 2017

My Brother's Keeper: "Where to Invade Next" and "Maximum Capacity"

This fall, Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario will present "My Brother's Keeper," a series of eight documentary film screenings exploring the lives of marginalized peoples and issues such as mental health, addiction, and mass incarceration. Each screening will be followed by a presentation and Q&A session by a local nonprofit or government agency.

Event | October 4, 2017

Conversation Project: How Do Our Values Influence Environmental Policy?

Join philosopher Monica Mueller to explore our environmental values and question how those values are reflected—or not reflected—in current local, national, and global environmental policies.

Event | November 4, 2017

Conversation Project: Crime and Punishment in Oregon

From prisons and youth correctional facilities to schools and county jails, we’re surrounded by institutions that punish. But why do we punish? Why is punishment sometimes sanctioned by the state? Are there other ways to punish—such as restorative justice—that may be more effective, reasonable, or desirable?

Event | November 15, 2017

People Aren’t Illegal

Photographer Ezra Marcos Ayala reflects on the making of “To Live More Free”

This Land | August 25, 2017

The Opposite of What We Know

Writer Putsata Reang reflects on the project "Bitter Harvest"

This Land | April 24, 2017

Bitter Harvest

Writer Putsata Reang and filmmaker Ivy Lin explore the stories of Chinese laborers in the 1900s who helped establish the state's reputation as an international beer capital, despite exclusion laws that kept them from owning the hop farms where they worked.

This Land | April 17, 2017

Bitter Harvest Screening and Discussion

Video screening and panel discussion about This Land's Bitter Harvest project

Event | May 3, 2017

Sanctuary in Name Only

Undocumented Oregonians are only as safe as the policies that protect them. An essay by Elliott Young

Magazine | April 5, 2017

Dry Years, Wet Years, Tradition and Change: An Evening with Patricia Nelson Limerick

This is an Oregon Humanities grant-funded event.

Event | March 27, 2017

Community Forum on Identity and the Use of Race on National Forms

The NAACP Eugene-Springfield Branch hosts a forum about racial identification on government forms. This is an Oregon Humanities grant-funded event.

Event | March 1, 2017

Portland Expo Center: A Hidden History

This film produced by Jodi Darby for Oregon Humanities shares the experiences of Japanese Americans who were imprisoned in the Portland Expo Center during World War II.

Beyond the Margins | February 9, 2017

Words Have Life

Filmmaker Sika Stanton reflects on the making of “An Oregon Canyon”

This Land | February 8, 2017


Writer Donnell Alexander and photographer Kim Nguyen on one undocumented family's long wait for adequate health care

Magazine | August 11, 2016

"I'm Not Staying Here Another Day"

A conversation about the Great Migration with Isabel Wilkerson and Rukaiyah Adams

Beyond the Margins | June 28, 2016

Just People Like Us

Writer Guy Maynard on a little-known history of a Southern Oregon community during World War II where prisoners of war were more welcome than US military of color

Magazine | April 11, 2016

In the Land of the New

Mexican immigrants find home in el nuevo South. An excerpt from Translation Nation by Héctor Tobar

Beyond the Margins | March 29, 2016

Whose State Is This?

Journalist Brent Walth on how legal measures targeting Latino Oregonians reflect fears of change.

Magazine | December 18, 2015

This Way through Oregon

Illustrating the systems that move salmon, waste, traffic, and legislation

Magazine | December 18, 2015

Trademark Offense

Bandleader Simon Tam explains his fight to trademark his band’s name, “The Slants.” Tam recently argued his case before the US Supreme Court. He won.

Magazine | August 11, 2015

A Return Passage

Reporter Putsata Reang and photographer Kim Nguyen share their stories of leaving their home countries as refugees, meeting as students at the University of Oregon, and returning to Southeast Asia as journalists. A film produced by Dawn Jones for Oregon Humanities.

Beyond the Margins | August 5, 2015

The Problem with the Immigration Problem

Elliot Young writes about the origins of the belief that immigrants harm our society

Magazine | April 7, 2015

The Antidote of Conversation

Think & Drink | February 9, 2015

A Hidden History

Walidah Imarisha on revealing the stories and struggles of Oregon’s African American communities.

Magazine | August 13, 2013

Dangerous Subjects

An excerpt from R. Gregory Nokes's book Breaking Chains looks back at Oregon's history of exclusionary laws.

Magazine | August 9, 2013