About This Land

Stories about land, home, belonging, and identity by Oregon artists of color

This Land is an online multimedia project that collects and connects stories about land, home, belonging, and identity by Oregon’s communities of color. The project launched in February 2017.

The project uses film, words, maps, photos, sounds, and graphics by artists and writers of color to build a broader understanding of how policies and laws shape systems of power and land ownership in Oregon’s past and present.

From racist place names in Oregon to alien land laws and Chinese hops farmers to wildfire policies and tribal land, This Land explores little-known stories about the fight for place, home, and belonging and about how Oregonians of color have flourished, building homes and community, despite a long and continuing history of exclusionary policies.

This Land was launched with a grant from the Creative Heights Initiative of the Oregon Community Foundation, which encourages Oregon artists to test new ideas, stretch their creative capacity, and take creative risks. It is also made possible by the Oregon Cultural Trust.