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Making Men—2016

Bobbie Willis Soeby writes about raising her sons to not rape in the 2016 “Edge” issue.

Magazine | December 23, 2019


Dan Falkner writes about searching for a solution at a training for teachers on responding to school shootings.

Magazine | April 29, 2019


A student reckons with an inappropriate teacher’s power and her own powerlessness. An excerpt from Reema Zaman's memoir, I Am Yours.

Magazine | April 29, 2019

A Lot to Ask of a Name

Natchee Blu Barnd on how Native American names are used as symbols in white spaces

Magazine | August 30, 2018

Never Paid in Full

April Slabosheski on what Holocaust reparations can teach us about seemingly immeasurable debts

Magazine | April 27, 2018

"It's Just a Beer"

Kira Smith on the unspoken contracts between men and women

Magazine | April 25, 2018