What People Are Saying about the Conversation Project

“I was glad that in the conversation there was a desire to find commonalities and build bridges in a time when divisiveness is so rampant.”
—Conversation Project participant

“This entire conversation was an ah-ha moment. I have never in my life seen more people so passionate about talking about death.”
—Conversation Project host on "Talking about Dying"

“I'm always surprised and delighted by the ways the conversation changes in profound ways with each new group. I'm grateful for the fresh insights I gain from conversation participants.”
—Conversation Project facilitator

"[The facilitator] made this space very comfortable and welcoming, making it easy for people to want to share and engage. The folks in this space came from very different experiences. There were some beautiful moments of connection and sharing. People were vulnerable and gave of themselves."
—Conversation Project host on "Relationships for Resilience"

“One person said: I've lived in Wilsonville my whole life and I am just meeting some people here tonight, and I feel so connected now.”
—Conversation Project host on "Can We Get Along?"


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What People Are Saying about the Conversation Project

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