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Consider This with David F. Walker and Douglas Wolk

Our 2022 Consider This series continues on March 16 with a conversation about comics: comic books, and especially the superhero comics of Marvel and DC, have embodied the hopes and fantasies of many Americans for nearly a century, and the myriad media arising from them have come to comprise a uniquely American mythology.

Consider This | January 6, 2022

Community Storytelling Fellowship

We're now accepting proposals for Community Storytelling Fellowships. We’re looking for three people who belong to communities that are underrepresented in Oregon media to share stories from those communities in our magazine and other publications in 2022.

Other Projects | November 2, 2021

The Value of Your Story

Photographer Joe Whittle writes about his experience as a 2019–21 Fields Artist Fellow.

Beyond the Margins | July 22, 2021