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Seeds of Collective Healing: Art Making as a Response to Living and Dying

How can we use art as a tool for coping, healing, and expression at the end of life? Join Crystal Meneses, an interdisciplinary artist, death doula, and hospice chaplain, in this workshop that will consider questions of legacy, art, loss, and healing. This online event is part of the So Much Together series of workshops.

Event | February 8, 2023

Seeing More than What's in Front of You

In this So Much Together workshop with artist and arts organizer Tammy Jo Wilson, participants will explore the uncharted territories within creative acceptance. Wilson will share her experiences of learning to look beyond the objects and images to see the deep human experience that led to their creation. Through guided questioning and conversation we will explore cross-cultural collaborations as an opportunity for unexpected growth. Together we’ll discover the courage to be open to a broader spectrum of opportunity and potential within ourselves, our organizations, and our communities.

Event | April 26, 2022