The Long Boat

Stanley Kunitz's poem "The Long Boat," read by Talking about Dying facilitator Jenny Sasser. Produced by Dan Sadowsky and illustrated by Jotham Porzio for Oregon Humanities.


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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Are the Talking About Dying talks recorded and available somewhere? This is a very important topic for me. Will there be more talks on the subject?

Holly Dubrasich | January 2016 | Lebanon, OR

What a gift to experience! You are a gem, Jenny. Thank you.

Donna Davis | December 2015 | Marylhurst

Wow! The animation, the music, and your voice were perfect. Thank you.

John E. Smith | December 2015 | Hood River , OR

Well, that's absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Stanley, thank you, Jenny, thank you Oregon Humanities.

Kim Stafford | December 2015 | Portland

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