So Much Together: Shared Possessions

with Patricia Vázquez Gómez

June 23, 2021 | 6:00 to 8:00 p.m | Virtual Event

Online, statewide & beyond

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Please note: This workshop consists of two two-hour sessions, conducted via Zoom, on June 21 and 23. By registering, participants are expected to attend both sessions.

About Patricia Vásquez Gómez

Patricia Vázquez Gómez works and lives between the ancient Tenochtitlán and the unceded and occupied lands of the Chinook, Clackamas, Multnomah and other Indigenous peoples. Her work has been shown at the Portland Art Museum, the Reece Museum, the Paragon Gallery, and the Houston Art League, but also in other spaces, such as apartment complexes, community based organizations, and schools. 

Her art practice investigates the social functions of art, the intersections between aesthetics, ethics, and politics, and the expansion of community-based art practices. Patricia uses a variety of media to carry out that research: painting, printmaking, video, exhibitions, music, and socially engaged art projects. The purpose and methodologies of her work are deeply informed by her experiences working in immigrant rights and other social justice movements.

Patricia strongly believes that we all possess unique talents, knowledge, and perspectives that make us unique and unordinary. Those special possessions are often obscured by the situations in which we find ourselves. She strives to offer opportunities for individuals and communities to identify those special possessions, to use them to leave their very own imprints on their environments, and to expand their social, intellectual and creative capacities. In her art practice, she often works with groups of people who do not identify as artists. She has worked with day laborers, immigrants, residents of low-income housing, youth, and speakers of Indigenous languages. 

About This Workshop

In this workshop, Patricia will share some of her projects and guide conversations and quick activities to connect to the themes and methods of her artwork. We will also have an opportunity to learn about the unique cultural possessions that each participant brings, specifically in the form of sayings inherited from families and cultures. Together, we will create a series of posters featuring those saying, and all participants will receive a set of the finished posters.

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