Return to Wonderland

September 9, 2022 | 2:00 p.m. | Portland Playhouse

602 NE Prescott St., Portland OR 97211

Portland Playhouse presents a multidisciplinary short film festival that responds to the current moment in our country and world. Four short films imagine ways to listen, learn, and move forward with a sense of curiosity and wonder: "Larry & Joe-Joe" by La'Tevin Alexander; "Walla Walla" by Hayley Durelle, "Return to Kingsley: A Retrospective" by Kamryn Fall; "Petals & Thorns: A Spoken Word Journey" by La'Toya Hampton (aka The Poet Lady Rose).

Read more. The films will screen in-person September 3–10 and online September 7–25.

This event is supported by a public program grant from Oregon Humanities.

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