OH Grant Event: Oregon Experience: “The Modoc War”

Documentary with Q&A and Conversation with Klamath Tribes Chair

October 13, 2019 | 2:00 p.m. | Ross Ragland Theatre and Cultural Center

218 N. 7th St., Klamath Falls OR 97601

Oregon Experience: The Modoc War examines one of the most dramatic American Indian wars in US history—and one that happened in and near Klamath. The Modoc War of 1872 to 1873 was one of the costliest American Indian wars in US history, considering the number of people involved. For nearly seven months, a handful of Modoc Indian warriors and their families held off hundreds of US Army soldiers. The documentary revisits the battle scenes, and uses rare historical images and original wood cut drawings from the period. Interviews with Modoc descendants, national historians and written first-hand accounts, bring the Modoc War to life. There will be a Q & A after the showing, as well as a reception with the Klamath County Museum.

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Ross Ragland Theatre and Cultural Center




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