Conversation Project: What Are You?

Mixed-Race and Interracial Families in Oregon’s Past and Future

November 18, 2017 | 1:00 p.m. | Tamástslikt Cultural Institute

47106 Wildhorse Blvd., Pendleton OR 97801

The number of mixed-race people and interracial families in Oregon is growing. What are the challenges and benefits of growing up mixed-race, raising mixed-race children, or being an interracial couple in a state that’s historically been mostly white? How can we openly discuss our own ethnic and racial heritage with each other without being regarded as odd or unusual? How have the answers to “What are you?” changed through the decades? Dmae Roberts, who has written essays and produced film and radio documentaries about being a biracial Asian American in Oregon, leads a discussion of heritage that goes beyond checking one race on US Census forms. Read more.

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