Conversation Project: Understanding Disability

Family and Community Stories

March 16, 2017 | 7:00 p.m. | St. Helens Public Library

375 S. 18th St., Suite A, St. Helens OR 97051

The disability community accounts for 12 percent of the US population and almost 14 percent of the population of Oregon. All Oregonians are influenced by the disability community, whether as individuals with a disability or as family members, friends, or allies of someone with a disability. Join writer and activist Jill Crawford Hurt in an exploration of our experiences and perceptions of this community. Participants in this conversation will look at what they know of the stories of their own family, friends, and colleagues and consider the sources of their perspectives. Whether these stories contain themes of pride, oppression, resistance, failure, or success, they offer us an opportunity to rethink our perceptions. Read more.

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