Conversation Project: The World to Come

How Our Fear about the Future Affects Our Actions

February 21, 2018 | 7:00 p.m. | Salem Public Library

585 Liberty St. SE, Salem OR 97301

In our polarized society we seem to agree about at least one thing: we are concerned about the state of the world and its future. Our cities, towns, habitats, and rivers are changing, and what they are becoming often doesn't look good. Because we rarely talk openly about the emotions we experience about the world, these fears often remain unexamined. By talking among ourselves, we can begin to empathize with one another and see the shared origins of different political and personal convictions. Portland State University instructor David Osborn leads a discussion about our emotional responses to the world. The conversation may be about the world in general or focus on a specific issue of a host's choosing, such as climate change, housing affordability, immigration, or globalization. Read more.

This event will take place in the Anderson Room at the Salem Public Library.

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