Community Storytelling Fellowship

Three Oregonians will receive $5,000 to share stories from their communities.

Producer Ifanyi Bell recording a video for Oregon Humanities in 2017. Photo by Tojo Andrianarivo

Oregon Humanities is now accepting proposals for Community Storytelling Fellowships. We’re looking for three people who belong to communities that are underrepresented in Oregon media to share stories from those communities in our magazine and other publications in 2022.

When we say “community,” we mean any group of people who share a common experience thanks to geography, language, race, religion, age, or some other attribute. 

When we say “storytelling,” we mean nonfiction stories conveyed through writing, photos, audio, video, comics, or any other medium.

In 2022, three Community Storytelling Fellows will each receive $5,000 to create approximately three stories (possibly more or fewer depending on length and complexity) for publication in Oregon Humanities magazine between February and November 2022. Each fellow will be assigned an experienced mentor working in their medium and an editor from the Oregon Humanities staff.

Oregon Humanities magazine and our other publications explore the ideas and experiences of Oregonians. The goal of this fellowship is to provide time and space for sharing stories and questions that might otherwise not be possible, as part of our mission to connect people and communities to inspire understanding and collaborative change.

We hope the stories shared through this fellowship will fill information gaps, allow more Oregonians to see their experiences represented, and encourage readers to work toward a more inclusive and civically engaged state.

To apply for this fellowship, please tell us a little about yourself, your community, and the kinds of stories you hope to tell on this form. The application deadline is January 3, 2022.

If you have questions of any kind about this opportunity, please contact Ben Waterhouse at


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