What’s the Purpose of Public Education?

We spend a great deal of time and energy talking about the details of what happens in schools. How much money is enough money? How big should kindergarten classes be? Is it important to learn cursive? What is often missing from these conversations is consideration of the purpose of public education. As a state and a nation we’ve decided that every child should have access to a free, public education. But why? What is the point? Join facilitator Aimee Craig for a conversation that explores the extent to which our various—and sometimes conflicting—ideals about the purpose of public education align with what is happening in our schools.


Aimee Craig | Portland

Aimee Craig is a mother, a partner, a karaoke enthusiast, a podcast junkie, a grief group facilitator, and a relentless empath. She rarely gets paid for any of those titles. What she does get paid for is helping organizations clarify and articulate their missions, visions, and values and embody their ideals through engagement and communications. Spending her career as a communications strategist and public affairs director in the education sector has raised many practical and theoretical questions for her about education and schooling.

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Civic Life , Education

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