What We Risk

Creativity, Vulnerability, and Art

What do we risk when we lay ourselves open through music, painting, or any other art form? What might we give up and what might we gain when we set out to craft something beautiful or provocative or simply expressive that the world did not previously hold? Given today's artistic economy, to what extent is exposure—to other people and of the creative self—desirable? Join artist and educator Jason Graham, a slam poetry champion and speaker who performs hip hop as MOsley WOtta, for a conversation exploring the relationship between self-expression and vulnerability.



MOsley WOtta | Bend

MOsley WOtta, aka Jason Graham, is an American hip hop artist and performer. His work has been featured around Oregon and the globe, including on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat and as part of Street Con Dubai. He lives in Bend with his wife and three children.

Program Themes

Art and Music , Community , Identity

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