What We Owe

Living with Debt

Debt has bound people together and driven them apart for millennia. Oppressive debt has played a role in major social revolutions that have resulted in the clearing of debt records, yet there are other debts, like the cost of being born, for which many could not imagine demanding repayment. In the past ten years, US national debt and personal debt have reached all-time highs—levels at which full repayment may seem implausible. But is repayment even necessary? Join educator April Slabosheski in a conversation that asks, What constitutes debt? How does debt shape the way we relate to one another? How do we decide which debts we will repay, and which we will not?


April Slabosheski | Portland

April Slabosheski is an educator with a background in Jewish history. Personal experiences with debt spur her curiosity about the interpersonal effects of economic agency on individuals, communities, and nations. She is a debt activist and a member of Strike Debt Portland. She holds an MA in Judaic studies from the University of Michigan, a BS in community education and engagement from the University of Wisconsin, and works as the manager of museum and Holocaust education at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

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