What Does It Mean to Be Good?

Exploring Morality in the Midst of Structural Oppression

Most of us believe we are good people. But if we are all good people, with little room for fallibility, who are the people responsible for supporting structural oppression like racism, sexism, and heterosexism? If we hope to be “good,” what are our moral responsibilities in a society of privilege, power, and oppression? Join facilitator Brittany Wake in a discussion that explores the values associated with how we come to establish ourselves as good people and what that means for our potential complicity in perpetuating marginalization.


Brittany M. Wake | Portland

Brittany M. Wake is an equity, diversity, and inclusion trainer, consultant, and counselor specializing in multiculturalism. She is passionate about mental health and wellness, breaking barriers from marginalization, and healing trauma and she loves engaging in thought-provoking conversations that have the potential to move us all forward.

Program Themes

Justice , Race , Spirituality

Equipment Needs

chalk/whiteboard , digital projector , screen