The Hate We Live In

We live and work among systems that were built on racism. Even people who believe in and work for racial equity are immersed in a culture that silently supports structural oppression, especially anti-Black racism. What does it mean for us as individuals to live and breathe these values from the time we are born? How do we start to see and address our own personal biases? Join facilitator Tyler White for a conversation that will help participants recognize oppression of all kinds and provide tools to combat hate by calling out the injustices present in everyday life.




Tyler White | Portland

Tyler White aims to combat systems of oppression through visual projects, civic engagement, and community organizing. Tyler was born and raised in North and Northeast Portland, and recently graduated from De La Salle North Catholic High School. During his time there, White became the first youth outreach coordinator of the CENTER and worked on the I Love This Place PDX blog. Tyler has facilitated conversations with US State Department student delegates and through the In Dialogue series at the Portland Art Museum. He has also coproduced shows with organizations that include Oregon Public Broadcasting and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Tyler attends Swarthmore College, where he seeks to use his work in Portland as a base for greater initiatives to bring people together.

Program Themes

Identity , Justice , Race

Equipment Needs

digital projector , laptop computer