Connect in Place

Maria Rodriguez

We’re hosting virtual conversations with communities around the state each Tuesday evening. Our aim is to create spaces, in this physically separated moment, for Oregonians to gather, connect, reflect, and talk with one another.

August 11

Race and Adoption
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. PDT. Click here to RSVP.
In this conversation, facilitator Astrid Castro will ask participants to explore questions such as, What role do race and racism play in your family? What are the personal experiences that inform how you talk to adopted children in your life about where they are from? Where do you need to grow to be the best resource you can be for children who are adopted? This conversation is for people who are in the adoption constellation: adoptees, parents, and folks in close proximity to someone in the adoption world. Learn more about this conversation and facilitator.

Awakening White: White People Helping Each Other to Understand and Interrupt Racism
7:00 to 8:30 p.m. PDT. Click here to RSVP.
Join Emily Drew in a conversation that asks, How can we who are white show up as more effective and less damaging participants in struggles to interrupt racism in our community? How can white people engage in efforts to dismantle racism in ways that do not reproduce or place unfair burdens upon people of color to be our teachers? This conversation is an opportunity to reflect on what it means to “do our work” as white people. Learn more about this conversation and facilitator.

August 18

What Are Schools for? with Kali Thorne Ladd, Alex Sager, and Paul Susi
Join us for a live virtual Think & Drink conversation with Kali Thorne Ladd, executive director of KairosPDX, and Alex Sager, chair of the philosophy department at Portland State University, moderated by Paul Susi. We'll explore the question of what school is for. What does school do for students, teachers, parents, and the larger community? Are there things it should do that it doesn't now? What role does school play in our pursuit of democracy and justice? This program will include a 30-minute breakout session for participants. Learn more and register here.


Each Tuesday’s conversations will take place simultaneously via Zoom. Here's a quick guide to getting started using Zoom.

If you have questions or suggestions about these conversations, please contact Rachel Bernstein at or Jade Schey at

We know that COVID-19 affects individuals and communities differently, so we’re working with our facilitators to develop online conversations that are relevant and responsive. Each week, we will present opportunities to join a conversation on a particular topic, to reflect on and share your experience, to listen to others, and to stay connected during this time of uncertainty and change.

Throughout this developing series of conversations, we will partner with organizations across Oregon to engage with and respond to local communities. We will also host conversations for affinity groups and explore statewide conversations. For now, we will aim to keep the number of participants in each conversation below twenty so that everyone will have a chance to speak and be heard.