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2019 was, in many ways, a banner year for Oregon Humanities. We convened thousands of Oregonians for face-to-face conversations across the state, trained hundreds of discussion leaders and collaborated with hundreds of community and cultural organizations, and published dozens of stories exploring the varied and complex experiences of people who live here.

All aspects of our work depend on partnerships and relationships with discussion leaders, writers, artists, instructors, and community members--and all these efforts help Oregonians cultivate stronger, deeper connections within and across communities. As Oregon Humanities faces the challenges of 2020, we continue to prioritize and rely on relationships in order to move toward our vision of an Oregon that invites diverse perspectives, explores challenging questions, and strives for just communities.

None of this wide-ranging, relationship-based work would have been possible without the generous support of foundations, corporate sponsors, and individuals. Here I want to say thank you to all the people and organizations that gave to Oregon Humanities in 2020, to our sustaining donors and especially to the Leadership Giving Circle—the individuals whose annual gifts of $500 or more do so much to support our work to create a more imaginative, welcoming, and just Oregon.

—Adam Davis, Executive Director

2019 Statement of Activities

Sharing Ideas and Experiences

Creating Connections

Building Capacity for a More Connected Oregon

Donors and Sponsors

Gifts in Honor and Memory


2019 Statement of Activities





Net operating results: $282,409


Sharing Ideas and Experiences


Providing spaces for Oregonians to share their experiences and explore their beliefs and ideas is central to our work. One of those spaces is Oregon Humanities magazine, which publishes reporting, essays, and creative nonfiction by Oregon writers in three issues each year. Last year saw the departure of longtime editor Kathleen Holt, who moved on to other pursuits after eighteen years at the head of the magazine. The winter issue, Retrospective, collects some favorite pieces from her tenure.

In addition to exploring ideas on the page, we bring them to the stage: in 2019, our Portland Think & Drink series featured powerful conversations on democracy, justice, and political participation with Desmond Meade, Omar El Akkad, and Danielle Allen. With partners, we presented more Think & Drink programs on race, accessibility, journalism, and art in Medford, Ashland, and Bend.

Creating Connections

Very little of the work Oregon Humanities does could be done without the many organizations we partner with each year. In 2019, we collaborated with 172 organizations across twenty-six Oregon counties in many different ways. Thirteen organizations received a total of $59,980 in Public Program Grants and another fifteen received grants of $1,000 each for responsive programs. Across the state 141 organizations—35 percent of them in rural or frontier communities—hosted a total of 284 Conversation Project programs, bringing more than 5,000 Oregonians together to talk, listen, and learn from one another. And we worked with local organizations in the Columbia River Gorge and on the North Coast to host longer-term conversations through Bridging Oregon, convening people from different communities over four Sundays to explore the connections and divides between them.

The map below displays all the organizations we worked with in 2019.

Building Capacity for a More Connected Oregon

In a conference room, a group of seated people look toward a young woman standing by an easel with a large notepad.
Photo by Tojo Andrianarivo

Achieving our vision of an Oregon that invites diverse perspectives, explores challenging questions, and strives for just communities will require investing in individuals. In 2019, we trained 277 people in techniques for leading reflective conversations through our public facilitation trainings and partnerships with the City of Portland, Willamette Valley Development Officers, and other organizations. We laid the groundwork to expand Humanity in Perspective, our free, college-level humanities course. Graduates of Humanity in Perspective are deeply involved in their communities, running for public office, leading Conversation Project programs, and dedicating themselves to organizing and advocacy. Our Fields Artist Fellowship, presented in partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation, is giving artists around the state opportunities to respond in meaningful ways to the opportunity gap in Oregon. And we published a half-dozen new curriculum guides for high school classrooms that use stories from our magazine to explore topics of identity, belonging, and power.

Thank You

The following supporters made gifts to Oregon Humanities in 2019.

Crater Lake ($2,500+)
Byron and Cynthia Grant
Joan Gray and Harris Hoffman
Al and Nancy Jubitz
Ronni Lacroute
Jennifer Schuberth and John Urang
Gretchen Schuette and Rick Romano
Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Diana Tomseth
Janet Webster

Painted Hills ($1,000+)
Teresa and Jay Bowerman
Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Truman Collins
Jeff Cronn
Adam and Gina Davis
Adam Davis and Hana Layson
Miriam Feuerle
Robert Geddes
Julie and Walter Manning
Rita and Ted Powell
Camille Preus
Denise Reed
Melissa Choi Salvador and Tony Salvador
Charles Shepard
Paul and Lory Utz
Charles and Cherie Walker
Priscilla Bernard Wieden and Dan Wieden

Columbia River Gorge ($500+)
Carole Alexander
Sona Andrews
Jean and Ray Auel
Evona Brim
Megan Colwell
Dale and Lois Derouin
Andra Georges
Shandra L Harris
Jelly Helm
Sara Hopkins-Powell
Michael Kosmala
Erika Leaf
Paige Hill and Hanna Liebl
Robert Melnick and Suzanne Bunker
Julia Murray
John Ousterhout
Rick and Halle Sadle
Dianne Sawyer and Richard Petersen
Roger and Anita Straus
David and Christine Vernier
Nancy Webber
Merri Wyatt


All Supporters



National Endowment for the Humanities
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Cultural Trust


James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation


City of Portland Office of Civic and Community Life
Ronni Lacroute

Oneatta Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation



The Collins Foundation

The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund



The Kinsman Foundation
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust

WRG Foundation Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation



Echo Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Gretchen Schuette



Jackson Foundation
Al Jubitz
Kettering Foundation

Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
Jennifer Schuberth and John Urang



Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Al and Nancy Jubitz
Spark Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Tonkon Torp LLP
Janet and Stephen Webster




Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Melissa Choi Salvador and Tony Salvador
Truman Collins
Jeff Cronn
Adam and Gina Davis
Adam Davis and Hana Layson
Emily Georges Gottfried Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Robert Geddes
Portland General Electric Employee Engagement Fund

Intel Corporation
Rita and Ted Powell
Camille Preus
Denise Reed
The Lyceum Agency
TJ Education Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Paul and Lory Utz
Charles and Cherie Walker
Priscilla Bernard Wieden and Dan Wieden



Carole Alexander
Sona Andrews
Jean and Ray Auel
Evona Brim
Megan Colwell
Dale and Lois Derouin
Erin Dysart
Shandra Harris
Jelly Helm
Paige Hill and Hanna Liebl
Sara Hopkins-Powell
Kimberly Howard
Michael Kosmala
Erika Leaf

Julie and Walter Manning
Robert Melnick and Suzanne Bunker
Julia Murray
John Ousterhout
Rick and Halle Sadle
Dianne Sawyer
The Shepard Family Philanthrophy Fund
The Loren D. Smith Fund
Roger and Anita Straus
David and Christine Vernier
Nancy Webber
Merri and Bill Wyatt
Regional Arts and Cultural Council




Alicia and Nathan Bay
Jeri Carson
Cynthia Chilton and Ed Abrahamson
Andrew Guest
Susan M. Hammer Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Richard Hay
Mark Holloway and David Kahl
Kate Lasky
P. Jayne and Milton Lebsack
Richard Lewis and Margaret Larson
Gary Maffei
United Way of Benton & Lincoln Counties

Kerani Mitchell
Paulann Petersen
Willie Poinsette
Diane M. Schaffer
Arthur Schmidt
Justin Skolnick
Mary Szybist and Jerry Harp
Thomas Treger and Ruth Rabinovich
Elizabeth Whalen
Jackie Willingham
Mitch Wolgamott and Sue Orlaske
Gayle Yamasaki
Bill and Julie Young




Jeanette Agre
Gary and Carla Albright
Mary Allardt
Michael Andrews
Anonymous (4)
Linda and Eugene Appel
Robert Arellano and Jodie Marston
Sarah Bachman and Ray Wells
Martha Banyas and Michael Hoeye
Paul Bascom
Ed and Maureen Battistella
Sarah Beasley
Marti Belluschi
Lesley Bennett and Jeffrey Dooley
Louise Bishop and James Earl
Michelle Boss Barba and Salwan Searty
Susan Brody and Al Johnson
Kyle Brown and Aili Schreiner
Rex Burkholder
Leonard and Janet Calvert
Emily Castle
Mary and Ruth Chapin
Anthony Cheng
Justin Chin
Karen Clarke
Liz Cole
Anne Conner
Dave and Char Corkran
Pamela Crow and Diana Stotz
Michael Davidson and Jaqueline Becklund
Judy and Richard Davis
Ronald Davis
Nicholas and Janet De Morgan
Terry Dickey and Wanda Chin
Roderick Dolan
Edward Doyle
Sandy and Michael Dubinsky
Barbara Dudley
Julie Durkheimer
Nancy L. Edwards
Eric Eisemann
Arthur and Margianne Erickson
Thomas Fawkes
Courtney Ferrari
Marilyn Fisher and Harold Cox
Judy Fisher
Marc Franklin
Carolyn Frasier
Cara Jo Frey and Jennifer Warner
Joel Maiorano
Karen Gernant
Kuri Gill
Cecelia and Scott Goodnight
Michel Gregory
Fred Grewe
Barbara Groelz
Nancy Gronowski
Esther Gross
Bija Gutoff
Blair and Jackie Haddon
Ulrich Hardt and Karen Johnson
Bill and Barbara Harris
John Hawkins
Dawn Hayami
Mary Heffernan
Nicholas Hengen Fox
Lyn Hennion and Alex Bellen
Michael Hetrick
Jack and Irene Hilbourne
Judy Hilsenteger
Eloise Holland and Melissa McClure
Ann and Mark Hollyfield
Greg Holmes
Kathleen Holt and Alex Dupey
Philip and Jessie Hostetler
Steve and Kris Hudson
Cassandra Hughes
Cecelia and Robert Huntington
Linda Hutchins and John Montague
Robina Ingram-Rich
Harriet Isom
Shirley A. Jackson
Alma and Michael Jackson
Kyle Jansson and Carol Harding
David Johnson
Michael Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Nil Jones
Kate Joseph and Tom Murray
Claire Kellogg and Bruce Betzer
Janet Kelly
Nancy Kelly
Ruth and John Kistler
Annie Knepler and Adam Fischler
Carolyn Kohn
Betty LaDuke
Paul Lambshead and Deb Fischer
Carin Landgren and George Pacanovsky
Ward and Gale Lewis

Muriel Lezak
Robert Liebman and Elaine Friedman
Kathy Lombardi
Ruth and Kenneth Love
Donna Loveland
Richard Lufrano
Melissa Madenski
Ann Magill
Barbara and Timothy Mahoney
Barbara Manildi
Les and Jan Margosian
Caryn R. May
J.S. and Robin May
J.S. May
Lynn McClenahan and Greg Smith
Janelle McCoy
Heidi and Dylan McNamee
Richard Meeker and Ellen Rosenblum
Margaret Mesirow
Joe Miller
Linda Modrell
Linda Monk
Gail Mueller and Paul Poresky
Martin Muller
Jason Job and Sheila Murty
Linda Nelson
Shirley and Milton Nelson
Kathy and Dan Norton
Jennifer O'Donnell
Deborah and George Olsen
Sara and Jeff Olsgaard
Madeline Olson
Keli Osborn
Gayle Palmer
John Parks and Rebecca Hill
Jacqueline Peterson-Loomis and John Loomis
James Proctor
Jarold and Dorothy Ramsey
Mary Rechner
Deborah Redman and Don Whittemore
Robert Reed
Richard Rees
Laura Rice and Karim Hamdy
Jane Rickenbaugh
Karla Ritter
Marguerite and Rodney Roberson
Jennifer Roberts
Pritam Rohila
Dori Rosenblum
Sally Russell
Susan P. Rust
Jane Sage and Tom Olbrich
Zari Santner
Dianne Sawyer and Richard Petersen
Bob Scales
Penelope Scambly Schott
Ed Schmidt
Gretchen Schnepper and Darby Granberry
Dan Sengenberger
Barbara and Gilbert Shibley
Crystal and Gene Shoji
Patricia and Donald Smith
Maggie Starr and Sarah Hardin
Joy Strand and Daniel Anderson
Leslie Taylor and Douglas Beers
Theodore Taylor and Denise Stone
Linda and James Thomas
Lianne Thompson
William and Angela Thorndike
Dan and Joan Thorndike
Elissa Breitbard and Christina Trevino
Clifford and Jo Anne Trow
Virginia Tyler
Susan Uravich
Ellen Vanderslice and Scott Parker
Deanne Vandevert
Veronica Vichit-Vadakan
Pamela Vohnson and David Streight
Annie R. Walsh
Annie Walsh
Paul Coleman and Sarah Warren
Ben Waterhouse and Deanna Oothoudt
Jo Ann Weaver
Roberta and Bruce Weber
Maxeen Wegner
Dave Weich
Emily Weltman and Jacob Gamage
Patricia West and William Cummings
Louis Wheatley
Penelope White
Daryl and Wallace Wilson
Martin and Carolyn Winch
Carol Witherell
Patricia and Vincent Wixon
Wendy and Carter Wray
Stephen R. Young and Jane E. Fellows
Irene Zenev


$0 to $99

Howard Aaron
TJ Acena
Bill Albee
Alys Allwardt
Anonymous (13)
Dori Appel and Perry Prince
Delfino Arellano
Liz and James Artaiz
William Ashworth
Marilyn and Gennaro Avolio
Mina and Jay Bacigalupi
Helena Bales
Andrew and Pat Balmer
William Barnett
Claire Barr Wilson
David Barringer
Lois Barry
Aryn Bartley
David Bean
Bryce and Christina Bederka
Betty and Ted Bezzerides
Sarah Bibbs and Graham Trainor
Cindy and Gene Biboux
Erin Boers
Emily Borke
Mary Bothwell
Michelle Bouza
Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand
Catherine and Thomas Briggs
Dominique Brillanceau
Elizabeth Brunker
Myla Thomas and Mark Buchanan
Marianne and Fred Buchwalter
Catriona and Ben Buhayar
Steve Buresh
Joanne Burke Mulcahy and Bob Hazen
Ian Burrell
Joel Butler
Laurie and Andrew Caesar
Kathleen Callas
Doug and Liz Capps
Jane Carlsen
Amy Carlson
Andra and James Carrick
Anne and Terry Carter
Joseph Charter
M. Cirillo
Jennifer Cleary
Trena Cleland
Linda and Tom Collier
Ann M. Collins
Lanny Collins
Joseph Condon
Mary Conlow
Mary Ann Constans
Ronald and Teecia Cornelius
Marilyn Couch
Joe & Regina Cox
Hannah Culberson
Jared Dancler
May Dasch
Eric Davis
Robert Davis
Stacy Day
James and Helen Dean
Ruth Denny
Sarah Deumling
Merrilee DeVore
Margaret Dills Kelter and Jim Kelter
Zana Dorres
Thomas and Nancy Doulis
Nathan and Eva Douthit
Rose Driessen
Madelyn Driscoll
Kent Duffy and Martha Murray
Veronica Dujon
Don Dumond
Lynnea Eagle
Frank Eastburn
Sidney and Margaret Eaton
Kristen Eberlin
Betsy and James Elliott
Beth and Bill Ellis
Energy 350
Barbara and Martin Engel
Diane Englert
Mark Erlander
Ryan Ervin
Elizabeth Farrell
Margot Fetz
Raissa Fleming
Joan Fondell
Ruth Frankel
Cosette Freeman
Edith and Will Fuller
Jocelyn Furbush and Tom Mooney
May Garland and Roger Gaither
Camerina Galván and José Alfredo Morán González
Carol J. Gerity
Janet Gingerich
Roxanne Goebel
Janet Goetze Sanderson
Jason Graham
Michele Graham
Derek Green and Lindsay Stamm
Lillian Green
Donna Gregerson
Michael A. Griggs
David Gutterman and Jennifer Johns
Barbara Haga
Chris Hagerbaumer
John Hammond
James Hamrick
Laura Hancock
Rachel Hansen
Tasha Harmon and Shawn Orpinela
Erica Dunn and Philip Harris
Dr. Jami D. L. Hart
Sandra and Ashley Hart
Peter Hatcher and Harriet Stosur
William Hathaway
Christine Haug-Chin and Gary Chin
May Hays
Mathew W. Hein
Mary Beth Henry and Mike Burnett
Roland and Cathy Henson
Sydney Herbert
Rob and Teddie Hight
Sheree Hobson
Matthew Holt
Zach Holz and Jocelyn Unzicker
Ann Holznagel
Sheryl Horwitz and Larry Knudsen
Bette and Dean Husted
Lawson and Janet Inada
Mitsuhiko Iwasaki
Shirley Jackson
Christopher Johnson
Jena Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Perry Johnson and Carol Elwood
Marean Jordan
Kathleen and Robert Joy
Jack and Farol Kahle
Leslie Kavasch
Jenna Kay and Thomas Curtis
Edward and Debra Kaye
Judy and Eugene Keane

Mary Kimball
Brenda Kinoshita
Jerry Kleffner
Gregg Kleiner
Lee Klingler and Jo Zettler
Rachel and Marc Klippenstein
Kristina Knight and Eric Wallace
Sarah Knudsen
Ellen Knutson
Daniel Koch and Bija Gutoff
Jill Kornelis
Shelly Krehbiel
Elinor Langer
Susan and Max Leek
Mary Lehman and Bill Durst
Esther Lerman Freeman
Philip Levinson
Philip Lewin
Susan Lienhart and Noel Holley
Sydney Linden
Ruth Lizotte
Ingrid Louiselle
Enrique Luna Cervantes
Ashley MacQuarrie
Mahesh Madhav and Ruchika Agrawal
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Meredith Maislen
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Lynn and Milton Marks
Lynn Marx
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Joan and Frank McNamara
Harold McNaron
Kimberly Melton
Microsoft Employee Giving Campaign
Donald Moir
Jeffrey Morgan
Pamela and Mike Morgan
Sharon Morgan and Kathleen Kollasch
Carole Morse
Sandy Moses and Jeff Jackson
Chris Murphy
Ann Nelson
Jeffrey Nelson and Csilla Toth
Jill and Edward Neuwelt
Annette Newman
Carol Tova Newman
Nicholas O'Neil
Jane O'Scannlain and Mike Miller
Damon and Margaret Ogle
Linda E. Olds
John Oliver
Margaret Olney and Steve Marsh
Nancy Orcutt
Lorraine Ortiz
John Ott
Robert Owen
Elden and Barbara Parchim
Thomas Penchoen
Hannah Penfield
Alice Phalan
Stan Pickens
Caryn Pinard
Lillian Pitt
Steve Planchon and Shannon Planchon
Sandy Polishuk
Barbara and Jerry Porter
Jerry and Barb Porter
Jonathan Potkin
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Gloria and James Predeek
David Prescott
Janet and Richard Reed
Errol Rich
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Jade Schey
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Jerry and Diana Sellers
Patricia Sempowich
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Laura Sherrill and Stephen Chipps
Jerome Sibayan
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Maureen and Dave Sloan
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Marjorie and Edwin Smith
Cheryl Snow and James Ancell
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Terrel and Bonnie Templeman
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Stacey Triplett and Dwayne Johnson
Thomas Turkon
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
Dorothy Velasco and John Dewenter
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Mark Wales
Lorna Waltz
Tom Ward
Nathan Waugh
Marybeth Webster
Julia and Paul Westerberg
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Kyenne Williams
Allison Winningstad and Michael Dennis
Marcia Wirth
Mike Wolf
Kathleen Worley
Precious Yamaguchi
Alysia Yamasaki
Rebecca Youngstrom and Ronald Atwood
Janice Zuccarini



Gifts in Honor and Memory

Gifts in Honor

Sarah Beasley in honor of Janet G. Webster
Emily Borke in honor of Noli Borke
Dominique Brillanceau in honor of Ann Schneider
Catriona and Ben Buhayar in honor of Maggie Starr
Jeri Carson in honor of Caitlyn May
Joseph Charter in honor of Adam Davis
M. Cirillo in honor of all peoples who live to tell their truth.
Sidney and Margaret Eaton in honor of Lark Palma
Energy 350 in honor of Nick O'Neil
Ruth Frankel in honor of Herman Frankel
Camerina Galván and José Alfredo Morán González in honor of Camerina Ramos
Bette and Dean Husted in honor of Katharine Sheldahl-Thomason
David Johnson in honor of Nick Johnson
Leslie Kavasch in honor of Tuck Clarry
Esther Lerman Freeman in honor of Asher Lerman Freeman
Gary Maffei in honor of Janet G. Webster
Ann Magill in honor of Rich Wandschneider
Caryn R. May in honor of April Slabosheski
Donald Moir in honor of Susan Marie Moir
Jeffrey Nelson and Csilla Toth in honor of many friends and family
Paulann Petersen in honor of Oregon Poet Laureate Program
Alice Phalan in honor of Evan Hobbs
Barbara and Jerry Porter in honor of Betty McKennon
Rita and Ted Powell in honor of Bob Welle
David Prescott in honor of Mohamed Ali
James Proctor in honor of Rebecca Lingafelter and Georgia Reid for their climate conversations facilitation
Paul Rickey in honor of Lost Veterans
Evan Schneider in honor of Kathleen Holt
Matthew Scott in honor of Oso
Jefferson Smith in honor of your family and the XRAY.FM community
Nathan Waugh in honor of Jessica Andrade
Marybeth Webster in honor of Josephine County Council of Elders

Gifts in Memory

Jared Dancler in memory of Peter Evans
Thomas Fawkes in memory of Judith Poxson Fawkes
Cosette Freeman in memory of Wilma Daane
Lillian Green in memory of Kim Ellsworth
Donna Gregerson in memory of Velma Seat
Esther Gross in memory of Jaqueline Davis
Dr. Jami D. L. Hart in memory of Laurie Gardener
Harriet Isom in memory of Glenda Isom Pottorf
Ward and Gale Lewis in memory of Robert L. Hamm
Gary McCreith in memory of Gary McCreith
Denison Thomas in memory of Sarah S Thomas
Vincent and Patricia Wixon in memory of Carol McNair and Robert De Voe