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Dear Stranger: Me

Write a letter. Get a letter. Make a new connection.
Dear Stranger: Me

This spring, Oregon Humanities is connecting Oregonians from all over the state through a letter-exchange program we’re calling Dear Stranger. For this first pilot, we’re drawing on the theme of the spring issue of Oregon Humanities magazine, “Me.” Future rounds of Dear Stranger will have different prompts, inspired by the themes of future magazines.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write a letter. Address it “Dear Stranger.” Fill a page, or maybe two. Write about yourself—What makes you who you are? Where do you live? What do you do? Where do you come from, what have you seen, and where are you going? What are your hopes and fears and desires? What brings you joy, and what brings sadness? Share a favorite story or a random memory. Be as bold as you dare.
  2. Sign your letter, if you like, or leave it anonymous if you like. Include your address if you’d like a reply from your stranger.
  3. Mail your letter and a stamped, self-addressed envelope by May 5, 2014 to:
    Dear Stranger
    Oregon Humanities
    813 SW Alder St., Suite 702
    Portland, OR 97205.
  4. When we receive your letter, we will exchange it with a letter from another writer. They will get your letter; you will get theirs. Read the letter; what happens next is up to you. We hope you will write back.

We will post some of the letters we receive on the Oregon Humanities blog. Any contact information will be excised from posted letters. If you’d prefer we not post your letter, please enclose a note saying so. Oregon Humanities reserves the right not to forward letters at our discretion. Any unexchanged letters will be returned to their authors, as will letters postmarked after May 5, 2014.

If you’d like to learn about the other ways Oregon Humanities connects Oregonians to one another check out the Conversation Project, Think & Drink, and our events calendar.