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Oregon Humanities Responsive Program Grants award up to $1,000 per grant.

What we have funded in the past

Oregon Humanities Responsive Program Grants have supported work that helps communities lead conversations on race and racism after local hate incidents; explore the intersection between food security and race; bringing residents together to understand a local issue that became national news; supported community gatherings on grief and renewal; examining the intersection of race and domestic violence; and support the preservation of Native American languages through youth workshops.  

Is a match required for Responsive Program Grants? 

No, a match is not required.  

What do we mean when we say priority to rural and/or BIPOC lead organizations? 

A minimum of 60 percent of awarded funds will go to organizations that meet the qualification of being based in and led by rural communities and/or communities of color. Oregon Humanities uses the Oregon Office of Rural Health’s definition of rural as locations in Oregon ten or more miles from the center of a population center of 40,000 people or more. See this list of zip codes to determine if your organization, program, and services are located in a rural area. Applicants will submit racial demographic totals for their staff, and board members.  We acknowledge the various journeys each community is exploring with their equity work and encourage proposals from organizations that do not directly meet these funding priorities but center the communities they work with in program design, implementation, and evaluation.

Fiscal sponsor

Organizations that are not nonprofits may apply using a fiscal sponsor if the fiscal sponsor meets the eligibility requirements. (Nonprofit Association of Oregon has information on fiscal sponsorship.)  Prior to initiating a grant proposal with a fiscal sponsorship, you must contact Oregon Humanities at to gain approval.



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